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Gerard Moore 07 / February / 20

GCI Financial In the rather mixed EU segment

GCI Financial forex broker of new state
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GCI Financial

In the rather mixed EU segment of intermediary services, which brokers fill for themselves in Poland, GCI Financial boasts a solid period of work.

Start year


Place of registration

British Virgin Islands

Financial regulator



The attitude of traders to the basic information about the company can be called moderately positive. Undoubtedly, the broker earned critical reviews for its location in the offshore. But at the same time, the rather long life of the company gives traders reason to believe that the company is not a scam, and this was reflected in discussions of its activities. The Forex broker earned approving reviews for the presence of a financial regulator, which, together with more than fifteen years of experience, allows us to hope for the absence of a fraud and scam.

Trading conditions

Unlike the set of accounts with different minimum deposits, which brokers usually offer for Poland, the company includes only two accounts in its trading conditions, which differ primarily in the trading platform. If there are common conditions for both, they have the following features:



• spreads from 1 to 2;

• ECN or traditional performance;

• “No Dealing Desk”.

• the ability to manage multiple accounts;

• ActTrader trading platform is provided.


Moreover, for both accounts:

• deposit - from $ 500;

• leverage 1: 100;

• 4% to the account balance of the trader;

• no requotes.

Criticism of trading conditions is rare. Most of all, if the broker received negative reviews, then they have the form of abstract comments like “I believe that these are scammers”, devoid of any specifics. In cases of a more specific analysis, traders note that the proposed conditions are quite acceptable or report that they work with the company and make a profit. Therefore, we can say that, with all the ambiguity of the statements in the mass, the Forex broker earned reviews rather positive than negative.

Quality customer service

The company provides services that brokers for Poland usually offer to traders related to the support and training of traders:

•       Customer Support;

•       partnership programs;

•       electronic Forex textbook;

•       White Label and Multi-Account.

The attitude of traders towards the quality of customer support is rather positive. The broker received reviews positively assessing the quality of support services. There are encouraging comments about the textbook that the broker compiled for Forex - reviews of this type are few in number, but, nevertheless, they are present. Complaints about support are rare.

Quality and settlement procedure

The list of settlement methods offered by the company is narrower than brokers usually practice for Poland:

To deposit funds, you can use:

• bank transfer;

• bank cards;

• Skrill;

• Neteller;

• Perfect Money;

• s-Account.

There are fewer ways to withdraw funds:

• bank transfer;

• bank cards;

• eCash.

In total, the opinion of traders on the quality of company payments can be called conditionally positive. If the broker received negative reviews, they mainly concerned delays in transfers of funds. There are no well-grounded reports of fraud and scam. At the same time, the Forex broker earned reviews on the complete and timely withdrawal of funds in sufficient quantities. The correlation of positive and negative comments in the entire array of ratings received by the company is clearly in favor of the former.


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