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Free forex signals. How to make thousands of dollars a month

Free forex signals. How to make thousands of dollars a month


Note that approximately 90% of the offers are free Forex signals, which undoubtedly will appeal to novice traders, often short of money.


If you already successfully trade on Forex, then having created your trading signal, you can attract other traders (subscribers), from whom you can charge a small fee for providing signals. Let's count on a specific example: your deposit is $ 1000, you have a stable monthly 10 or even 20% of the deposit, i.e. $ 100-200. This is a lot in percentage terms, but not enough in money. But if you created a trading signal by which 100 people connected (signed), then your profit will increase significantly! Let's say the cost of subscribing to your trading signal is only $ 30. 100 people x $ 30 per month - 20% service fee = Your net profit will be $ 2,400 !!! Moreover, you just gave other traders the opportunity to copy their own signals.


Traders who create trading signals are called signal providers. Traders who copy signals are subscribers.


All actions (selecting a signal provider, evaluating statistics, etc.) take place either in the trading terminal itself or on the website. This is a large and well-known resource on automation and social trading for all traders in the world. Here you can find a large free library of scripts, indicators, trading robots and other information useful for trading.


A complete search for signal providers is carried out through the website. Trading options are available through MT4 and MT5. Subscribers and those who are just about to become them have full access to detailed trade statistics of signal providers. All information is displayed in a convenient visual form, allowing you to flexibly evaluate the parameters of the trade - profit factor (profit factor), total profitability, maximum drawdown, etc.


A subscriber can receive trading signals from several providers. At any time, you can change the settings for copying signals, disconnecting the current provider or connecting a new one. A rather convenient feature is the free connection of push notifications (as MetaQuotes calls SMS notifications) about trading transactions to your mobile phone.


Many traders-providers of signals actively use trading advisers (robots). It is not so important who trades - a person or a robot, the main thing is that there is a profit. In any case, subscribers should choose suppliers with such a parameter as slippage, not more than 1.5-2 seconds.


Full transparency of the service, detailed trading statistics of signal providers, the absence of hidden fees and very convenient functionality - all these are huge advantages of the trading signal service in MT4 and 5.


We hope you saw and appreciated the prospects of this service of free Forex signals (well, paid ones as well). Fast, convenient, efficient. Use your health and earn money automatically, like a professional trading.



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Free forex signals. How to make thousands of dollars a month
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Free forex signals. How to make thousands of dollars a month
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Free forex signals. How to make thousands of dollars a month
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