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Gerard Moore 10 / January / 23

FinancesLab tells how to recognize an honest broker from a scammer?

FinancesLabis a Scam? No!
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There is no hiding from scammers. Even on the stock market, there are quite a lot of them, so in choosing a service for trading, you have to be extremely careful. Their schemes are intricate, and their actions are planned and organized. They are well-versed in psychology, they know how to manipulate and do not hesitate to put psychological pressure on the potential victim.

Forex broker scams are able to pass themselves off as normal company by framing them. Copying websites, and social media profiles, and presenting a customer service team are some of their favorite tricks. To get started with a really good service, start with reviews of forex brokers. That way you can understand whether players are getting paid, how regular it is, and how honest the FinancesLab is.

If not go deep into studying the documents, and trading conditions, you may well get the opinion that FinancesLab fraud. But, the presence of a regulator and valid licenses suggest otherwise. There is also reporting that is not hidden from users. A contract is made with each player. The rules and the obligations of the parties are clearly spelled out in the contract.

The broker has quite transparent terms and conditions. All payments are made through official payment systems, and transactions lend themselves to careful verification. The money can only be withdrawn after entering a special code sent in the message.

Verification can be considered another precautionary measure. Everyone must verify their identity before opening an account.

Audits have become an integral part of the company's operations. They are regular and always successful.

There is no pressure, no unrecorded commissions, and no requirements to pay by card. Everything is comfortable, transparent, and clear. FinancesLab legit and pays taxes for clients, informs about possible risks.

The site has a secure connection, a large variety of forex instruments, and plenty of educational materials for self-education. There is no charge for them.

What gives the intruder away?

Fraudsters can pass themselves off as a good company using its name and even its website details. They have also become more active on social media. They pay for advertisements, sell non-performing training, and try to swindle money out of them in any way they can.

Thinking that FinancesLab scam, look at what the broker offers. Besides free training, it has bonuses, a compensation system, a regulator inspection report, and, valid licenses.

The following gives away intruders:

FinancesLab is not a broker forex scammer as it does not fit in any point. The broker offers quite good conditions and its activities are closely monitored by the regulator.

Is it possible to save money?

It is important for fraudsters to gain access to a personal profile in order to gain access to accounts in the future. They try to obtain the data in various ways, using fake logins on their websites.

To prevent intruders from getting their hands on the money, it is necessary to:

The employees of FinancesLab do not ask for passwords or other log-in details.


Company with no debts, no hidden payments, and no unrecorded commissions. A proven set of Forex tools, there are bonuses, and compensation.


Question: - Do customer service staff ask for a password?

Answer: - No.

Question: - Is it necessary to prove income in any way?

Answer: - No. FinancesLab doesn't require any such thing. 

Question: - If I have been contacted in social networks, but there was no contact with the support service. Should I assume that they are scammers?

Answer: - Most likely, yes. Representatives of FinancesLab use only official channels for communication.


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