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Gerard Moore 10 / January / 23

Broker FinancesLab simplifies Forex trading

FinancesLab broker review 2023
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FinancesLabis a reliable company with transparent conditions and normal commissions. One of the best forex brokers, always informs about the risks. Read more in FinancesLab review 2023.

Main features of the service

The FinancesLab works legally, as confirmed by registration, valid licenses, and the regulator. It is appropriate for financial transactions, and stock market transactions.

FinancesLab is always successfully audited for order execution. The results of the audits and reviews about FinancesLab confirm that everything matches the quality standards. There are no debts to players, nor are there any open court cases. The service is comfortable for everyone. It specializes in trading, auto trading, and making analytics. It also has a good training program designed both for beginners and more experienced clients. All of the training materials are freely available.

There is a demo account where users can practice their skills, and strategies, with no personal losses. There are several ways to deposit/withdraw funds. Cooperates with popular payment systems and European banks.

More than 250,000 people entrust their funds to the broker. On average, the spread is 0.3 pips on EUR/USD. The company offers downloadable proven terminals and a mobile app.

The customer service is prompt. It is also possible to use the services of personal managers and get consultation and recommendations from them. Trading signals are available for all traders. There is an affiliate program to increase profits. The earnings directly depend on the number of invited users and their activity. There are several channels of communication with the broker, including a phone call.

Reviews about FinancesLab note that there is no pressure, manipulation, or illegal schemes at the exchange. Everything is honest. The contract is strictly adhered to. Commissions and minimum deposit size of FinancesLab are linked to the tariff and type of account.

What is good about support service?

The customer support team is the «face» of the FinancesLab. It is the one that determines the level of customer satisfaction and their trust in the service. People appreciate quality and a personal approach. It is important for them to get timely help and feedback when they need it.

FinancesLab manages this better than anyone else. The customer service is quick, and never ignores customers. There are more than 200 operators, and the unit itself is available 24 hours a day. It is possible to contact them in 11 languages, by one of the methods offered. The fastest response time is in the online chat, but it also depends on the complexity of the question. An answer to a question by post arrives in half an hour.

All employees are regularly trained, and the newcomers are supervised by a mentor who teaches all the subtleties of the company's work.

Last year, feedback was provided to more than 350,000 users. Requests were processed through a variety of channels, but none were left unanswered.

The FinancesLab exchange is not limited to robots and the FAQ section. People are always contacted by real company representatives, answering any questions.

That's what's good about the company's customer service:

It is possible to write or phone FinancesLab support.

What are the trading conditions?

What can expect by cooperating with a broker?

A personal account is available after verification. No account can be opened without verification. There is a bonus system and regular payouts.

After the account is opened, it is possible to make financial transactions on Forex, use all the tools, and take free training.

There is a system of compensation. An affiliate program was developed for additional earnings. The more clients referred, the more money can be made from their activity. FinancesLab is a comfortable, convenient service with indicators Cayman and COT. All events are displayed in the economic calendar and information is regularly updated.


What can be taken away from this FinancesLab review 2023? Quite a decent intermediary with plenty of functionality. Clients are not limited to withdrawal amounts, conditions are comfortable. There is a contract, a basic set of licenses, and a regulator. Verification is obligatory for all. The minimum deposit amount of FinancesLab depends on the tariff chosen.


- Question: Can I change the type of account?

- Answer: Yes.

- Question: Are there any tournaments between players?

- Answer: Not currently.


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