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Gerard Moore 30 / October / 22

How to withdraw money from a Forex broker account? We tell you by the example of Empire Swiss

Empire Swiss withdraw money
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Forex is a global stock market where you can make good money. Funds are credited to an account and then withdrawn via payment systems. Each exchange has its own rules and features. Sometimes they can be very different. This leads to some difficulties because even an experienced trader does not always know how to act. On the example of the best forex broker for beginners Empire Swiss, we will understand all the nuances.

Withdrawal time from Empire Swiss

Legitimate procedures and security protocols limit the broker. Therefore it is not possible to transfer funds instantly. But, fast payouts can still be counted on.

Empire Swiss accepts the request for withdrawal and processes it within a few working days. In general, Empire Swiss broker withdrawal takes 1-3 days (which is much faster than on other exchanges). When the broker sends money to the bank, it will be credited to the client's account in 1-5 days. It all depends on how fast interbank payments will be made. Empire Swiss does not affect it in any way. Therefore, the client can study the options on his own and choose the one where the procedure is less time-consuming. Some financial institutions credit funds instantly.

The time during which the broker considers the application is related to cybersecurity rules. Unfortunately, attackers sometimes steal personal data and take over traders' accounts. Therefore, each client request is carefully checked. A legal broker follows the rules, taking care of users.

As practice shows, the withdrawal of funds is carried out within two days. But, it still depends on the size of the payment.

Withdrawal procedure

The Empire Swiss broker allows you to withdraw money from your deposit only after the application has been processed.

The withdrawal procedure is as follows:

If the bank works with SWIFT, the funds will arrive faster. On holidays and weekends, the process may slow down.

Remember about the minimum withdrawal amount. It is determined by the account type. A small amount of funds is not always possible to withdraw. Plus, there are bank fees and broker fees. Access to certain instruments depends on the balance of funds on the deposit.

Broker's commission

Here it all depends on the tariff plan. Empire Swiss offers plenty of options, so everyone will find something for themselves. The fee is also determined by the withdrawal method and amount. The company's customers can make two free bank transfer requests.

Minimum withdrawal amount

As already indicated, it all depends on the type of account. Individual conditions and their own tariff plan are provided for everyone. It also determines the commission, the financial set of instruments, and the amount of leverage. On the base account of the best forex broker with lowest spread Empire Swiss, the minimum withdrawal size is purely symbolic. At the same time, the bank's commission may simply absorb it and you will not receive money.

What problems could arise?

The hardest part is the transaction that is blocked by the bank. This happens because financial monitoring appoints a check on the lawfulness of the funds. To settle everything, it is enough to show the bank proof that the money was received on the stock exchange. It's just reinsurance. Nobody arrests or seizes the money. 

The transaction may also be suspended due to a possible hacker attack. This is done in order to keep the money safe and not give it to attackers.

Empire Swiss withdrawal issues are also caused by errors in the details. In this case, you need to reverse the transaction through the bank.  Refusal in the event that the money has been received in a jurisdiction where a refund is not possible.

Why can Empire Swiss not approve the application?

The broker may block the withdrawal for the following reasons:

A brokerage account cannot be used to transfer money between users. If there is a withdrawal to a third party, the broker will simply block it. Empire Swiss will not allow a withdrawal if incorrect details were provided during registration.


Empire Swiss works fairly quickly. The commission depends on the type of account. The activity is regulated at the legislative level. The withdrawal time depends on the work of the bank. All possible delays have understandable reasons.

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user_avatarBlankenship Harry 03.11.2022

Plus Empire swiss for a competition for demo accounts with real prizes. Respect! There is also a competition in binary, I want to try it too.

user_avatarWilson Robert 04.11.2022

I would like to note the opportunity to study freely in Empire swiss without going out at home. I found a lot of useful things there when I became interested in the Forex market. The introductory seminar on the platform is very useful. So far I am a beginner. So far, I only try on the demo. Now I am passing the basic course. I advise everyone to start with this. I chose the company on the Reign and the number of years in the market. I hope made the right choice. Later I will unsubscribe like it.

user_avatarDouglas Godfrey 22.11.2022

Here they will say only one Forex broker will choose themselves, I’ll name Empire swiss so that anyone does not speak. About the same can be said about Finams, if we are talking about trading in the stock market. At one time I traded at Empire swiss for quite some time. Then she matured to the stock market, chose Empire swiss just - my guru advised me. Now I'm thinking of Forex again, but I will not abandon the fund

user_avatarHarris Everett 23.11.2022

I don’t know who and what bad here I saw in Empire swiss, I traded for 4 years and without problems. He left only because he completely broke up with Forex. Now I opened an account with another company and has completely devoted himself to the stock markets. There is also Forex, but I'm not even going there. The quality of the service is high and plus are exchanges, after all. Everything is strictly and seriously regulated.

user_avatarDalton Dominick 30.11.2022

A big plus that they quickly withdraw money. There is a minus - this is training. For me, as a beginner, it was hard without training, I was not provided with this. Now more or less it turns out. But in general a good broker, the main thing is that it withdraws money