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Trading with Empire Swiss or how to make life easier. Account types review

Empire Swiss account types
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For newcomers, finding the best Forex broker for day trading may be a real challenge. In some aspects, the chosen broker defines the success of the traders. It is essential to find a reliable partner with beneficial conditions. The search process is usually time and energy-consuming. If you are not ready to spend time on it, you can take advantage of our Empire Swiss review.

Below you will find information about the following:

Consider the following facts before making the final decision as to the broker to work with. So, here we go!

Basic Empire Swiss services

Being a reliable company, Empire Swiss is among the best Forex brokers for mt4. The Empire Swiss website can boast a convenient user interface and informative articles. It contains detailed information about the broker and its services.

The company presents a broad scope of services for active and passive trading on Forex. It offers different account types, average commissions for the market, and several asset types.

The Empire Swiss policy

As an account holder, you must check the available margin before submitting the withdrawal request, which is usually processed within 2 business days. 

A user gets funds after the credit card merchant has debited the funds from the account. The process will be reflected on the credit card balance after 5 business days.

Empire Swiss account types

As a trader, you can opt for the most beneficial Empire Swiss account. The company offers many practical tools for maximum profit for devoted day trading admirers. There are 5 of them to choose from. What's even more appealing, there are both fixed and floated Empire Swiss spread options in all accounts.

Account type






Minimal deposit in EUR






Assets available

9 major currencies

2 types of assets

3 types of assets

4 types of assets

4 types of assets

Comments 12
user_avatarPorter David 14.11.2022

I want to put 5 points to the company's analysts. They write only in fact, without unnecessary water, they do not miss all important events and news. There is no time to read Longrids like others. And here only specifics, facts and forecasts. Someone may not like it, but for me Empire swiss-the best!

user_avatarRoss Brian 20.11.2022

The company is not young, it has been successfully working for several years, it has established itself in the market from a positive side. Therefore, I recommend alpari to beginner traders who have not yet made the choice of the first broker. From my own experience, I’ll say that the time of execution of transactions is quick and it suits me with its intervals. You will not see a chart, in any case, I did not have them. Most importantly, the withdrawal is made without problems for the specified payment system. I've been trading with Empire swiss for a year and here everything suits me.

user_avatarLynch David 26.11.2022

Everything will run into Empire swiss and I'm going to work with them further. Orders are performed quickly, withdrawal of funds- without problems, support at the level. I chose a strategy and adhering to it, I receive income. I can recommend this company from personal experience.

user_avatarWillis Mark 31.11.2022

U Empire swiss I trade in a central account. A couple of years ago, unfortunately, they significantly cut the number of open orders, which influenced my strategy. But now the news is pleasant, they finally canceled the fixed spread))) the spread on the Euro-dollar, pound, Jena has become much more attractive. Moving towards the ECN, guys))

user_avatarFitzgeraldц Jack 10.12.2022

Normal broker. I have been working with Forex broker Empire Swiss for a year now. Trade is good, without jambs and suspicious slippers. In general, I was satisfied - I started an account for $ 1,000, raised twice. As for the conclusion, I had to wait three days, but now the money was in the account (there were brokers with whom I used to work, some were withdrawn faster, and some did not withdraw at all, especially if it was good to raise it). I already began to doubt, but they said that the bank slowed them down a little, they sent them again, transferred the money to a penny after 4 hours. There was really a failure in the system along the way. In general, Empire Swiss broker did not cause special suspicions or discontent. Indeed, the broker does not really like to work with small amounts, but he still holds his brand at a height, which I actually became convinced. There was a couple of incomprehensible cases, or, most likely, obscure moment - but they figured it out and there are no complaints. I am pleased with the broker for his efficiency and functionality. Now I am studying the mobile application of this broker.

user_avatarCharles John 13.12.2022

I found an offer from the Forex broker Empire Swiss when visiting a website dedicated to the description of all possible options for cooperation in trade. At the moment I have been working with this broker for more than two and a half years - during this period I learned to make a profit from transactions. Help from the company's staff has always helped out at the starting stages (it helps and immediately understand that you work with people who are driving your business and this is pleasant). For example, at first I could not correctly determine the levels for an automatic exit from the transaction. Empire Swiss specialists showed how to do this, on a real example, which accelerated the assimilation of the material. And at the expense of the auxiliary material, it must replace what it is on the broker’s website and very good and effective. Most often, I work on Forex after 18:00, when there is no need to perform tasks on current projects (this hobby is not the main one). I pay attention to the study of new weekend strategies. In total, I allocate up to 3-4 hours per day for trading, depending on the situation.

user_avatarParsons Christopher 20.12.2022

With the Forex broker Empire Swiss, I’ve been together for 6 years. I consider a meeting with them a gift of fate. The school of reasonable investment is one of the best training that I have passed in my life. So it happened, they do not give financial literacy either at school or at the university (you have to study additionally all this). And I, even having a higher economic education, was in this dense. The course completely turned my thinking and changed the attitude to the stock market. Thanks to training, I have already realized my first goal - buying an apartment for my son. I highly recommend training to go through everyone. Nowadays, in the conditions of constant reforms of incomprehensible, lack of basic financial knowledge, this course must be passed. And I have even more ambitious goals ahead, so this year I acquired a course of technical analysis, annual support and development plan. Many thanks to the Empire Swiss team for work, for support (and this year was very necessary, it is important and timely), success and prosperity in the new year!

user_avatarRich Daniel 23.12.2022

Nine months ago, he opened a brokerage account in the Empire Swiss and began the way to the mysterious world of investment. In order not to lose acquired by honest labor and not to stay with nothing, he began to look for different courses and so on on the Internet. By a happy chance for me, I came across a free webinar of the Empire Swiss broker. It turned out to be interesting and useful - they do not promise you to the golden mountains and much sky -high and not real - instead they show and explain how to achieve a positive result and try to avoid losses. Having visited a few more webinars, he decided to undergo training and purchased a training service. True has not yet finished training, but I use the acquired service, and it facilitates the tasks of novice investors when choosing promotions and bonds, and is useful in many ways. Joined to escort, where there is a thorough analysis of shares and companies. And the positive results on the portfolio were not long in coming. I am satisfied with my choice of Empire Swiss. Thanks to them for their work and further success with us!

user_avatarDonald Newton 06.01.2023

I am deeply interested in Empire Swiss. I joined this company just a month ago and I hope to continue. Before opening an account with a broker, I studied many reviews about him on the network. I opened an account with Ctrader. I like this convenient and modern platform and I am sure that in many respects it surpasses the legendary Metatrader. Since I'm going to continue working with a broker, I would like to know if it is possible to open a joint account with a broker or not? The fact is that my wife is also fond of trading, and we would like to try family trading. All the functions of the trade terminal may be useful to you if they correspond to your approach to working in the market and allow you to adhere to the strategy. And Ctrader in this sense is a wide -functional solution that is highly valued by many traders. Each person has certain wishes in the market. And I found the broker Empire Swiss, who helped me believe in myself. Here I learned to conduct a technical analysis in the market, mastered calculations to determine the size of the order and control my capital.

user_avatarRonald Warren 18.01.2023

I always wanted to work in a company that will support traders and provide not only access to the market, but also some tools and analytics for more accurate work. And the Broker Empire Swiss in this sense met my expectations, because here I can really engage in technical and fundamental analysis, there are calculators for calculations, here you can find new information on strategies you are interested in, etc. In other words, you are always an opportunity to get New knowledge and practice. Having studied many reviews about Empire Swiss on many review sites and forums, I came to the conclusion that there is a lot of undeserved slander and fictitious horror stories. This is outrageous, since competitors behave dirty, leaving negative reviews. From my practice, I can say that this is a pretty good and reliable brokerage company. Empire Swiss broker has developed an excellent mobile trading application. It includes all the necessary tools. Clients can manage their accounts in the same way as in the desktop version.

user_avatarPeter Peters 19.01.2023

I really like the broker Empire Swiss platform, it is very stable in work. There have never been freezes or other problems with him. The performance is good. A very convenient and intuitive user interface with a wide set of tools. I also want to note that their customer support service always works uninterruptedly and there are no problems with the withdrawal of profit. Empire Swiss is not a bad company. I got a good profit working with them. In addition, I improve my trade skills using their webinars. It is really cool and very useful! This forex broker provides a wide range of tools, their platform is convenient and easy to use. A large and reliable broker. Empire Swiss is my broker since 2018, and this is the best broker that I had to deal with. Every time I need help, their support always helps. They provide a stable withdrawal of funds and stable performance. In my opinion, Empire Swiss is a good broker who really cares about his customers and reputation is important to him.

user_avatarNicholas Maldonado 24.01.2023

I started trading with Empire Swiss as a beginner 2 years ago. Until now, I am still with this broker, because they give many opportunities for profitable trade. You can try to trade on Forex without any risk and check their trade conditions on free demo accounts. And they offer many educational materials to improve your trade skills. Empire Swiss Professional and honest broker. Empire Swiss is an old reliable broker that works without muddy schemes, like many other brokers. For two years of trade with them there was no dispute. Do not drain customer deposits, always withdraw profit in time. Support at the level. I put them 8 on a 10 -point scale. I hope that in the future everything will be at least no worse. First of all, this is probably one of the most famous and frequently used Forex-Broockers around the world. So any trader can start gradually without serious risk for his wallet. As soon as you get comfortable and find your strategies, you can increase the volume of trade. Reliability, tested by time.