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Gerard Moore 21 / April / 21

Reviews of Danish Saxo online Bank its offers for customers

Danish Saxo Bank is an online investment bank
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Danish Saxo Bank is an online investment bank that provides the same package of services on Forex as ordinary brokers in Poland. The Bank has many branches, each of which is under the control of a financial regulator corresponding to its location. He has been working in the market since 1992, and his main office is located in Hellerup (Denmark).

What kind of feedback did the Forex broker receive from traders for registration data and how was it evaluated in terms of reliability?

Statements by traders about basic information about the bank are mostly positive in color. The term of operation of the company is satisfactory and credible, the presence of many financial regulators is a marker of compliance with international standards and a significant guarantee against frauds and scam.

We can say that the broker reviews earned on this item



 Trading conditions

Like ordinary brokers for Poland, the bank offers its customers a different size of the minimum deposit, but implements it through service levels on a single client account. General conditions are:

• leverage –1: 50;

• spreads - from 0.5 pips (for VIP clients);

• trading platforms - SaxoTraderPRO and SaxoTraderGO.

 The levels of service depending on the minimum deposit are offered as follows:

• Classic - from $ 10,000, technical support during trading;

• Premium - from $ 50,000, technical support during trading hours, personal financial manager;

• Platinum - from $ 1,000,000, technical support during trading, personal financial manager, expert advice.


What reviews Forex broker deserved for trading conditions?

Traders' opinions about the trading conditions of the bank vary, but there are no sharply negative statements, as well as statements about signs that the bank is a scam. Basically, the high entrance bar is criticized because of the high minimum deposit.

In general, we can say that deserved, for the most part, broker reviews





Customer service

Like all brokers for Poland, the bank offers its customers comprehensive client support, starting with training:

• training courses presented in the Saxo Academy section;

•    educational materials;

• analytical materials;

• support during trading hours.


What are the Forex broker reviews for the quality of customer service?

Statements of traders as to the quality of company services are divided. Some authors rate them unambiguously positively. But at the same time, there are posts containing complaints about the efficiency of the support service or poor-quality software that arbitrarily closes deals. In the latter case, customers consider what is happening a fraud and a scam.

Summarizing the opinions, you can conclude that the broker earned feedback



Methods and quality of mutual settlements

Contrary to the practice commonly used by brokers for Poland, the bank does not use funds transfer through payment systems. For settlement, he offers:

• bank cards;

• bank transfers.


What are the reviews of Forex broker for crediting payments and conducting settlements with clients?

There are very few negative reviews regarding the completeness and honesty of the bank’s payment of funds, as well as allegations that it is a scam. Those singular ones that exist do not contain any specifics or facts and have the form of unfounded accusations. At the same time, traders are unhappy with the small number of methods of mutual settlements and the inability to use payment systems. The number of comments about the speed of payments is small.

Despite the criticism, for the most part the broker earned reviews




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