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Gerard Moore 12 / March / 20

The situation with Cryptodigest: Bitcoin,investment risk, forecasts

Cryptodigest: Bitcoin growth, investment risk, forecasts
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Cryptov currencies were one of the most rating topics in 2017. When in December the Bitcoin rate came close to $ 20 thousand, the whole world learned about it. The popularity of the cryptovoltaic currency continues to grow. In this article we will make a brief digest of the most relevant news of recent times.

So, as of March 5, the total capitalization of all cryptovoltaic currencies exceeded the value of $510 billion. Bitcoin and Litecoin began to show growth to $11,500 and $260, respectively. However, despite this, the largest participants of the cryptovoltaic market warn investors about the danger of investing in this type of assets. What are the prospects for the industry in the near future, what should users expect and how to earn on cryptov currencies - these and other issues we will touch upon in today's review.

The situation with Bitcoin

Over the last six months Bitcoin as a means of payment has begun to significantly lose its positions. There were two good reasons for that: high commission (up to $10 per transaction) and long processing of transactions. Together, this led to a decrease in investors' interest in this cryptographic currency. Which played not the least role in the famous January "collapse" of the rate. However, analysts have now noted that there are indirect signs of an impending revival of Bitcoin.
Last week, a steady upward trend and the subsequent fixation of the rate at 10 000. In the second half of February, there was a general increase in capitalization by 90 billion. This occurred against the background of positive information field, positive statements from government regulators in many countries around the world.

At the same time, Bitcoin again became popular as a payment instrument. This was due to a decrease in the average commission amount per transaction to $0.79. Recall that in December 2017 the maximum value of this indicator was fixed - more than $ 20 commission. This led to the fact that some large payment services temporarily refused to use it. Among them was the payment provider Stripe and the developer of computer games Valve.

On February 19, the local maximum was updated and the exchange rate approached the level of $11,500. However, for the last three days the decline continues, but for the period of 10 days there is a relative stability of the market.

Future Crypt Currency: Ripple differs from other cryptovalues in that it is actively invested by the largest banking corporations in the world. Such deep integration with the real financial sector augurs well for the future of the new payment instrument. Thus, on February 21, official sources said that the largest Latin American bank Itau Unibanco was among the partners.
The largest Brazilian bank plans to use Blockchain technology from Ripple (xCurrent) as a platform for international payments. As for changes in capitalization volumes, they generally repeat Bitcoin trends. This confirms the fact that so far all cryptov currencies are significantly correlated with Bitcoin.

Statement of the leading cryptovoltaic market players

In the 20s of February, a number of major players in the field of cryptology made very ambiguous statements. Vitaly Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, noted on Twitter that the rate of all crypt-currencies can drop to zero at any moment. A similar statement was made by the CEO of Ripple, who noted that most digital currencies will eventually depreciate, it is only a matter of time.

In fact, such statements do not carry fundamentally new information. Everyone is aware of the high risks of investing in this type of digital assets. However, they are often underestimated. One should not forget that by making direct investments in the cryptovoltaic currency, one will be able to make profit only if the volume of its capitalization grows. Therefore, a considerable number of market participants prefer to make money in another way by speculating in the market. One of the ways is option trading. The advantage of trading is that profits can be made on any market trends, even during negative trends, when the capitalization decreases. The main criterion is the correct prediction of the price movement, which will make it possible to get profit from an option. Even people far from the world can make profit in this way. Thus, the CRYPTO IDX (Crypto Index) asset from Binomo broker can be excellently analyzed even at second intervals.


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