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Gerard Moore 03 / April / 21

Converter of crypto currencies

Crypto converter digital currency trading
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It is important for traders and miners to be aware of the changes in the prices for crypto currencies on the market. And there is a special tool is designed for this reason - a crypto converter.

Why do I need a crypto calculator 

The purpose of a crypto converter is to show the ratio of different types of digital money relative to each other and relative to fiat currencies. This question is especially relevant for miners: in order to know how much traditional money they will receive, they need to exchange the crypto currency into dollars, euros, etc. A converter is an adviser for traders and investors on which strategy should be chosen for working with a certain crypto currency and the ability to calculate the profitability of investments.

How the converter determines the rate

The rate update takes place in real time: converter is synchronized with the main crypto currency exchange every minute. This happens through a single, systematized API so the exchange rate is guaranteed. 

Bear in mind that the rate of digital money fluctuates continuously. Transactions may be affected by the exchange rate so you must confirm it before completing the transactions. And now you no longer have to use complicated methods to make calculations and constantly monitor the rates. Reference rates updates are very fast and everything can be done with just one click.

Benefit of using a converter 

Conversion is absolutely free. The calculator allows you to find out how much any crypto coin is worth in different currencies. The exchange process is meant for the most beneficial rate at a given time. It allows you to work with different units of measurement. For example, you can work with satoshi (Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin) and intermediate units of measurement - cento-bitcoin, milli-bitcoin, micro bitcoin.

Other crypto currencies are also supported. Everything is not limited to just Bitcoin and its fractional parts. In particular, it supports Ethereum and other crypto currencies like Dash and Litecoin, which are gaining popularity.

Let's summarize the main advantages of converters:

Popular converters 

The list of calculators is far from complete. These are just the most popular and used tools. The number of such resources is growing day by day; perhaps, another convenient and reliable converter is being developed at this very moment. 


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