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Gerard Moore 20 / March / 20

What the most critical peoples' mistakes with money?

Critical financial errors in human life
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Who hasn't had to make the mistake of spending and finances? I bought something, and then I was really sorry. Curled up and remembered to pay the bill, made a mistake with the credit card and so on. There's nothing fatal about making a mistake for everyone. It is important to understand your own mistakes and make competent conclusions, so as not to repeat them in the future.

But, there are also such mistakes, the fruits of which can be reaped not only for years, but even decades. And probably, sad as it may be, and a whole life. What kind of critical mistakes with money?

Error 1. Living on credit.

It is not known why many people, in particular the younger generation, believe that the presence of a credit card gives them great coolness. In addition, the higher the amount of money that can be taken on credit, the higher the level of steepness.

Buying things on credit is a payment for trying to have something that has not yet been received. Loans eat up our present and future. And the bigger the credit, the harder it is for a person to carry such a load.

Error 2. Not to leave a reserve of money "just in case."

No one's ever been lucky enough to live a lifetime of peace and quiet. From time to time, every person in life can feel a certain force majeure. There may be an accident, an illness, a loss of ability to work, a fire in the room. Someday they can happen to everyone.

Not having reserves for a rainy day, a person immediately takes up the task of looking for money borrowing from friends, taking out loans, despite the interest. He sells a car or an apartment. As a result, such a "rainy day" lasts for a very long time.

Error 3. Failure to plan your budget.

Would you trust a captain to sail his ship without a sailing chart? That's how life would be without planning your own expenses sailing wherever you go without thinking about the coming day, about possible crisis incidents.

Many citizens do not understand this at all, they spend their lives from paycheck to paycheck, paying interest on a loan, very often, and never get out of the financial abyss.

Only, bankruptcy, incredible debts, despair and lack of any savings force certain people to rethink their own attitude towards money. These people have a huge chance of dealing with the financial crisis. Others have virtually no chance.

Error 4. Not to discuss financial matters with your other half.

Statistics show that the first reason for all divorces on the planet are considered monetary disputes. Often spouses do not take into account the fact that the family is, in principle, a team, and talk about financial problems very late, when lost too much money, accumulated huge debts.

In addition, it absolutely does not matter who and how much in the pair earns. For example, a housewife can be much wiser than her husband, who earns much more in monetary terms. The expression "I make money, so I decide where to let it go" shows a man as an absolute fool in financial matters.

Error 5. Spending all your energy and resources to make money...

Money, in its purest form, should not be a target. It is an ordinary means by which one can realize one's desires. The presence of money does not make their master happy in essence. So you don't have to kill all your strength and spend all your time on their earnings.

Money will not give any happiness when you are not engaged in your own health, education, not building strong relationships, not raising children.

Error 6. Giving away all the money for the kids

Around this question sometimes there are heated discussions, as loving parents agree to give everything to their kids. But do not miss that the children grow up, and their parents are inevitably aging. Children acquire their families and their children, and parents need to rely only on themselves unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity, and sometimes do not want, to help their own dads and moms with money.

Error 7. Lack of savings.

Such an error somehow intersects with the error already mentioned. But when the reserves "for a rainy day" give a person to overcome the bad luck that has fallen on him, the savings are a chance to buy a car, a house, give children a prestigious education and so on.

At the same time, it should be clearly understood that the lack of savings is not a problem of income level. This happens to people, and with an income of 100 and 20 thousand per month. Here, at most, the problem of individual financial discipline, economy and planning their own spending.

Error 8. Life is out of the money.

Who else but our fellow citizens do things in the form of "We live once!" or "so that it is not worse than the others". Basically, that's how people whose financial situation leaves much to be desired.

People like that, today they spend money on things that won't have much value for them tomorrow.


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