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Gerard Moore 09 / January / 22

Experts from ChaseCapitalOnline scam is no longer a threat. How to choose a reputable broker

ChaseCapitalOnline scam is no longer a threat. scam?
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The exchange is accessed through a broker. When choosing a broker, many novice traders choose a broker with low commissions and lots of advertising. Important parameters such as platform, support, training materials, or even regulatory safety are often overlooked. However, it is these parameters that form the basis of trading success.

Therefore, each trader, before choosing a broker, should ask himself, in particular, the following questions:

What to look for before opening an account with a broker? We have collected the main points that every novice investor should definitely study.

With the help of ChaseCapitalOnline scam can be recognized and neutralized.

Also, having studied all the signs of the actions of dishonest companies, we can practically deny the possibility that scam.

1. ChaseCapitalOnline scam check specialists: Broker Selection Checklist

With experts from ChaseCapitalOnline scam is easy to prevent

It's about the security of customer funds. It is especially important to know if the broker keeps records of clients' funds. Ideally, this is exactly what the provider does not do, but keeps client funds strictly separate from the company's funds in separate accounts with the custodian bank. This way, if the broker is in trouble, clients' funds will not be affected.

In addition, you should know in which country the clients' funds are stored.

How are your orders shipped?

Top-notch order execution maximizes your profits and avoids trading frustration. It is very important to know what business model the broker is using. Most of the CFD / Forex providers are so-called market makers.

There is a conflict of interest between the market maker and his or her buyers. Your loss is his gain, and vice versa. For example, this is one of the reasons why market makers accept very small accounts and offer very high leverage. Customers of these providers often lose their investment very quickly. A market maker often does not charge a commission. He must make money in a different way and can, for example, widen spreads to trigger stop orders and limit orders, execute market orders at a price other than the one listed on the platform, and never execute limit orders at the best price.

What does the trading platform offer? scam?

First of all, the trading platform provides traders with a foundation to trade. All trading platforms have a number of standard services and functions that you cannot do without in practice. This includes, for example, the following services: placing orders, accessing account information, managing account and open positions and orders, analysis tools and tools, and real-time charts and prices.

In addition, usability and flexibility are increasingly important to meet your own needs. In particular, here you should give preference to a broker that offers its own internal trading platform, which is constantly evolving and meets the needs of traders. The trading platform must support all trading styles (scalping, day trading, swing trading), trading methods and experience levels. Every trader, be it a complete beginner or an expert, must find the tools they need to trade.

None of these signs when studying the site indicated that scam.

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