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New broker: Charing Cross Group reviews of quality and services

С reviews | Are Charing Cross Group scam?

Today we focus on the quality of service provided by London-based Charing Cross Group. Since this broker came to the market and offers to trade, it is important to figure out how good its conditions are.

Let's start with the basics: registration, website, trading platform and documents.

Is Charing Cross Group scam? What is known about it?

Even if the broker just appeared a year ago, it would not be easy to suspect him of a scam project:

●    There is no usual noisy advertising of the service in social networks and search;
●    No signs of false promises for instant profits;
●    Support replies to emails and phone calls;
●    There are a lot of reviews about the accurate money withdrawal.

At first glance, we are dealing with a standard platform that came to the EU to find new clients.

There’s a difference between this company and many other newly appeared brokers. In this case there’s scam avoiding internal service that checks all the transactions for preventing fraud, and that’s the advantage of experienced team knowing the market and the audience.

What is known about this broker:

Registered in London, has two contact telephone numbers, an e-mail box and a feedback form. has been working on the currency market for over a decade, and also offers to trade commodities, stocks and indices.

Company offers trading software: a web terminal for desktop and mobile devices.

С reviews

It is worth starting your acquaintance with this company by reading its main documents. Pay attention to the provisions related to the policy of opening orders, refunds, and also - about the risks. A few minutes of reading - and you will have an idea of how the company provides services. And here comes the British scrupulousness: newcomer will get recommendations and help in creation of market strategies, but all decisions and responsibility remain on the client's side. The company also provides leverage (1: 100), but there are some rules for its usage, so trader needs to understand all the risks related with margin trading.

Thus, the investor makes all decisions about investments and orders, while the company undertakes to train and guide him, but only in a form of recommendations. Another reason not to call scam project.

You can find company documents in the "Information" section, as well as in a special field at the bottom of each page of the site.

Other interesting sections of the site:

Analytics. There is a good forecast of market prices, which is based on factors of international politics, emerging market trends, planned or seasonal events.

AML policy. The section is devoted to the description of the company's participation in the international fight against money laundering. scam avoiding terms guarantee that any fraudulent schemes are strongly prohibited on this website. A verification procedure is provided to filter out dubious customers.

KYC. Another page dedicated to the topic of user verification, but now in connection with the "Know Your Customer" program mandatory for the British company.

Training. A tab with a summary of how the company works with trading platforms, how it tracks trends, etc. More educational information can be obtained according to your account type.

Trading conditions for cooperation: Charing Cross Group reviews

The company offers favorable conditions with low spreads and trading with micro lots. In addition, they are trying to attract customers with an extended support policy (training, signals, webinars, trading sessions with an analyst and much more). There is a business portfolio for VIP clients. reviews on how clients are educated and guided by company managers is mostly positive. Among the complaints were listed situations when technical support was delayed with a response.

However, consulting and technical support on the site takes place 24/5, that is, the staff has days off. reviews describe the start of cooperation with broker: first trader needs to register on the website. All the details must be filled in the registration form (they will be encrypted, since the resource uses the SSL protocol).

The company requires mandatory verification, for which you will have to send to the broker's technical service (upon request):

The company reserves the right to close the client's account if it is suspected of conducting fraudulent trading activities or money laundering. The security service of Charing Cross Group scam avoiding department tries to catch scammers and other fraudulent activities at the initial stage.

The broker offers all types of exchange trading, focusing on buying and selling currencies in the forex market. All types of orders are available to clients, including trailing stop and others. There is margin trading and the leverage is up to 1 : 100.

Types of trading accounts

Clients can choose from 5 account types. All of them have support, training, sessions with an analyst, leverage services are also provided everywhere. However, the top accounts have more available functions.

What about additional services?

Charing Cross Group allows honest partnership, and it is generously supported for those who wish to promote company’s services. The company has two systems for attracting referrals (for which customers receive bonuses and monetary rewards).

System 1. CPA (Cost Per Action) - payment for the “bring a friend” function. That is, you can get a reward for recommending a broker to other traders who register in the service and start trading.

System 2. CPL (Cost Per Lead) - reward for promotion of the in your account, blog, YouTube channel or social networks. You can post a mention of the service, give a link. There will be a reward for clicking on such a link and registration.

Details on how much you can get for fulfilling the conditions of referral programs can be found after filling out an application for participation.

For businesses, there is the possibility of cooperation with Details can be found by contacting directly by phone number or e-mail address.


Feedback on the technical side of cooperation with company is also positive:


Obviously, Charing Cross Group reviews show that the quality of service offered by the brokerage company can be considered high. This conclusion is confirmed by the reviews of English-speaking clients, which can be found in abundance on European sites. They note the good work of the terminal and the responsiveness of the technical service, while Charing Cross Group scam preventing algorithms keep trading process safe.

Goodwin Williamя

I prefer to work on MetaTrader 4 platform for some years. The terminal is stable and predictable, so without any problems I trade with several brokers at once. At the end of the year I connected another, relatively young broker Charing Cross Group. I studied in detail the trading conditions and talked with support. It is a pity, while there are few reviews in the network, but what pleased me - I did not find any negative. Maybe my review will be useful to someone. The broker has static spreads, quotes on average correspond to the market. All key currency pairs are there. For beginners, the entrance is quite affordable, for experienced ones there are several more expensive packages. Leverage is the same for all levels of 1: 300. I made the first deposit for three hundred dollars, I think soon I will get the first profit. Broker fees for I / O no, can only be banking. Account replenishment is at the current rate. Pleased with the work of technical support. There are, of course, certain difficulties with dialing. But at the time of registration, a personal manager is attached at once, you can call and ask all important questions, even around the clock. In a pinch, you can write to the support, during the day they will answer necessarily.

Barker John

Working with Metatrader for a long time, tried different generations of the platform. While I believe that the fourth for my needs is enough. On the main job, I have to travel on business trips often, and I walk around the city in the car almost every day. It is very convenient that MT has its own mobile application that is easily installed on the tablet or on the phone. The application is stable. You can customize everything for yourself as it should. Last couple of months I trade with Charing Cross Group. There are excellent conditions for scalping. If you have experience, you can safely take. In trading conditions, I like that the quotes do not jump above average market indicators. The spreads are static, the more expensive a user package is then the more profitable they are. The platform works quickly, as well as support, by the way. Can not remember connection breaks. Slippage periodically occurs, but not often, as well as requotes. The site is not very full, there are no educational videos and webinars, very little information material. And there is no entertainment at all like tournaments or contests.

Cunningham Gerald

At first impressions of trading conditions of the Charing Cross Group broker, everything seemed convincing to me. True, I did not find answers to all questions on the network, and there are not many reviews either. In principle, this is logical, given that the broker has been on the market in less than a year. Therefore, I spent some time communicating with support. By the way, I asked not only what was interested, but also what was already clear. Just checking the level of competence. It is obvious that the support was chosen competent and experienced, I did not manage to drive any of managers into the corner. As I myself understood, the company was created by practicing traders and market experts with a large baggage of practical experience. The account was opened with 250 dollars on the base level, after a while I refilled another hundred. It is convenient that the verification of the account does not take place immediately, but at the first withdrawal, so you can safely work and not bother with documents at first. I started trading quite actively, in a month all doubts in the company were gone. This is not a kitchen, deals are real. The broker has put all the key currency pairs, about 50, I myself trade two. Static spreads, quotes correspond to the market. The execution is almost instantaneous, as is the opening-closing. There are some minor drawbacks, but they don’t really strain, I make allowances for the relative youth of the company.

Gibson James

In mid-November, I came out randomly to a new name in the brokerage environment, Charing Cross Group. Decided to get acquainted with the input data. Subtracted the trading conditions, plus reviews online, but did not find anything scaring. At that time, I just wanted to add another broker to my regular list, so I wouldn’t have been hurt if something went wrong. The first impression is that the broker has enough tools to work both for beginners and experienced traders. Four client packages, starting costs only $ 250. During these three months there has been no cancellation of transactions. By the new year I made the first withdrawal as a gift. Withdraw one hundred. Only the bank commission was taken, the broker does not have a percentage for deposit or withdrawal. Before the withdrawal was verified account, quickly enough. All together it took no more than two hours, here with speed everything is just fine. But one thing, sometimes you have to wait for a connection with technical support. There are no tournaments, contests and various competitions. The site provides quite a little bit of background information, there are no webinars and training videos. And more importantly, only one terminal works, MetaTrader 4. There is no more choice. Although that's enough for me.

Wood Paul

A couple of weeks of working with the new broker Charing Cross Group turned into a half year of productive cooperation unexpectedly for me. Trading conditions suited me completely. Efficiency of execution is respectable. A little about the very beginning: registration was quick, trade started automatically after the first replenishment, there was no commission for I / O, no disconnects, there were a couple of requotes and rare slippings. In volatility, the rate decreases, but nothing is buggy. The MetaTrader 4 platform allows you to customize almost the whole process for yourself, up to minimizing slippage. Spreads are static. For all client packages the same leverage is at 1: 300. I myself trade a pair of NZD / AUD, the conditions correspond to the general market. The output is quite fast, from half an hour to an hour and a half. There may be bank interest if the bank has such conditions. Smart support, quite adequate managers, always answer the case, clearly, patiently and as fully as possible. In addition, consultants are always aware of all the latest news and trivia. I think the guys trade themselves at the same time. There is a suspicion that people are not enough, because sometimes you have to hang on the line and wait for the connection. So I put a confident four of the company and I wish further growth, including the expansion of staff.

Fisher Joel

Thought that a young team would be more patient with customers, and the conditions should be as loyal as possible to attract new traders. Before registering talked with tech support. Managers competently answered all questions. Explained the mechanism of opening an account, replenishment and start trading. They told how to install and configure MetaTrader 4 terminal for an easy start. As it turned out, all documentation should be completed only before the first withdrawal. Therefore, the beginning is very easy and simple. Immediately I replenished by $ 250 for the base rate. Then set up the platform with a manual that I downloaded on the advice of managers. I have my own personal consultant now, by the way. Must note the high speed of execution, stability and efficiency in the operation of the system. Static spreads, quotes are slightly lower compared to the market, there are all key currency pairs. I am currently working with EUR / USD. So far, nothing to brag about. Here, too, at first I merged a little, and became nervous because of this, but decided not to leave. Mastered the trading bots, it became interesting and not difficult to trade. Soon I returned everything and came out in a stable plus. I do not rush to withdraw.

Park Christopher

I wanted to find information about the new broker Charing Cross Group. Went through forums and websites with feedbacks, found them quite a bit, plus a couple of useful articles from the company itself on various sites. Decided to go here on the recommendation of a familiar trader. He's just a collector of all new products on the market and is always aware of everything. He said that this broker works stably and with dignity, and the company itself was created by experienced specialists. Therefore, you can ignore the small time of the broker's work. In this case, it does not matter. While watching, I studied all the conditions and those reviews as I found. Basically, I liked everything. The tech support is really savvy on the topic, the speed of execution is very pleasing, the spreads are fixed, the leverage is 1: 300, there are no I / O fees, the quotes are not too high. Put on the account three hundred bucks. I think I'll top up later. MetaTrader 4 platform, speed, toolkit, everything as it should. You can scalp.

Gray Oswald

I went to Charing Cross Group forex broker in early June. Know that the company was formed by competent financiers with extensive experience in trading. Therefore, I initially had a high level of trust in the broker. So, at the date of creation did not look at all. The name may be new to the market, but the principles of work themselves are tested by practical experience and time. At first there was a mad passion, everything was easy and predictable. Trading all day long every day. Went first profit. Then I decided to change the strategy, started experimenting and failed. Even merged almost the entire deposit. I had to ask for help a personal manager in drawdowns a couple of times. After that, I calmed down and returned everything as it was, reconfigured the terminal. Stopped at a couple of the most successful strategies for me. The broker has fixed spreads, leverage of 1: 300, quotes correspond to the market. There are 4 tariff plans, the ability to trade on the news and to scalp. There were no communication breaks, slippage can be controlled. A month later, I withdrew the first 300 bucks. I stay here for now, I see good prospects for a stable profit.

McGee Michael

I came to Charing Cross Group broker a couple of months ago on the recommendation of friends. We are all fans of scalping. I also like mid-terms, by the way. This broker has all the necessary tools for all my needs. The speed of ordering is really good, plus a very good native analyst. Traiding with her. You can trade with any volume, even large. It's nice that there is a high accuracy of forecasts. Trading bots allow me not to sit in front of the computer all the time. Terminal MetaTrader 4, a flexible system of settings, so that wound the ropes for themselves and their strategy, and go about your business. A couple of weeks ago, took the first profit, everything went quickly. True clever idea came out around 12 at night))))) It turns out that the application was sent, but it was processed only in the morning. The manager called me back, helped me verify my account and send money to the card. It all took an hour and a half, which surprised me. It usually took more time with other brokers.

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