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How Brexite is reflected on the economy of Britain?

Brexite | Britain economy


The UK was the only one among the leading economies in the world, where the GDP growth slowed down last year. According to the National Statistical Service, GDP grew by 1.8% last year, exceeding the forecast, but this is the lowest indicator for the last five years.

How will "brexite" affect the British economy? Expert Mat Oakley of Savills believes: "The real consequences of" brexite "and all related problems will be cleared up only after 2021. Now the owners of enterprises can not really appreciate them."

The main factors of growth are the market of services that dominates the country's economy. The owner of the restaurant 1 Lombard Street in London says: "It's all about transparency, we just need a little clarity about what will happen and when. We need deadlines. I think that in the end we can live with the consequences of" brexite ", but in the dark you will not live long. "Brexite

However, the unemployment rate in the UK is declining and last year was 4.4%. In February, this indicator fell to 4.3% yoy.

After the referendum on "brexite", inflation in the UK rose sharply against the background of a depreciation of the pound sterling and an increase in the cost of imports.

At the same time, inflation in February was lower than forecast. According to the National Statistical Service, consumer prices last month rose by 2.7%. At the same time, wage growth approached the growth of inflation: the indicator in February increased by 2.8%. We are interested in what will happen next.



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Brexite | Britain economy
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Brexite | Britain economy
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Brexite | Britain economy
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