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Gerard Moore 29 / April / 21

The use of blockchain for solving problems

Blockchain offline
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The use of blockchain is attractive for solving problems in regards to automation of the participants' ecosystem. In the trade field, this means that the blockchain is somewhat unnecessary for the automation of internal tasks. Its application should be considered only in cases when suppliers of goods or services, customers, partners of the company or regulatory bodies participate in the process. For example, to manage production or financial reporting, traditional databases are more efficient. However, for complex loyalty systems or automated supply chain tracking, blockchain can offer very interesting new opportunities.  

Criteria for blockchain application  

The possibilities of the blockchain are promising big changes in trade  

In retail and wholesale trade, the use of blockchain is just starting to find its feet but even a few successful cases give hope that this technology will be in demand in the near future. We can confidently state that in the trading field, blockchain will be useful for confirming transactions that occur remotely, verifying the authenticity of transactions, controlling the supply chain and other transactions. Thanks to the technology of blocking, these processes become transparent. 

The next few years should bring a large number of new ideas and projects as well as the first massive use of blockchain in large companies. The innovative capabilities are promising big changes, which, of course, will be interesting to observe. For example, the developers of the ICO Crystal Clear project plan to reform the existing system of offline services, connect it with the blockchain technology and add the whole set in one application. Developers offer the following benefits:  

The idea of the project is very useful and can simplify the search for providers of various services. It would be very convenient to find any specialists from one mobile application and pay for their work there. Whatever the developers claim, in any case, everything will depend on the implementation.   



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