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Gerard Moore 28 / April / 21

How to do a blockchain lookup

Blockchain lookup
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Users have to deal with the problem of tracking the money that was sent within the blockchain network. The reason is that the system is still far from perfect and today, when the popularity blockchain is at the peak, few people get to make a transaction without issues. That is why it is so important to learn to how to do a blockchain lookup and see what stage the transaction is currently at. 

In order to find out whether the cryptocurrency payment has gone through, you need to go through a certain procedure. However, open access to the system does not mean that you can easily find a payment there – firstly, you need to have the source information about it. And there are three types of records in the blockchain: 

Based on these data, you can already see how the blockchain transaction is supposed to go. And people often use certain public services for lookup. This is very convenient since most of them do not require registration and it saves a lot of time. Here are a couple of projects that help to find out whether the blockchain transaction has been confirmed or to specify at what stage it is.  

As for the process of checking the transaction itself, it goes through the standard scenario. For example, let's take the already mentioned service Blockchain info: 

The lookup mechanism of such resources is very powerful. They will be able not only to track the transaction but also to show all the information that the blockchain stores including the status of the application, how many blocks have been passed and how much is left. In general, it is not difficult to check the current state of the transaction so you should figure it out fairly quickly. 



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