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John Doe 01 / March / 21

Reviews of your best and important gadgets for kitchen

The best electronic gadgets for the kitchen
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Among the variety, we chose the best electronic gadgets for the kitchen - the most unusual and useful. We share personal experience of use. And we do not regret the money spent on their purchase.


Accelerated pickling of cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms and vegetable snacks is a small list of opportunities for experimentation. The meat in the appliance is ready for frying in 10-15 minutes. The whole piece is a little longer.

The principle of operation of the marinator is based on vacuum (void), which is created inside the container under pressure automatically or mechanically. Empty space opens the pores of products. The fibers are impregnated with marinade in minutes. After opening the lid, the vacuum pressure disappears, the fibers are closed, and the marinade is sealed inside. In this way, the food is quickly filled with taste. The electric drive provides rotation of the container for uniform mixing and redistribution of marinade.


The device is started by pressing the "start" button. And then the process itself begins.

When buying a marinator in the store, pay attention to the material from which the container is made. On the example of the table we will consider pluses and minuses of the device.


Pros and cons

Plastic Inexpensive price Over time, turbid

 Scratches and cracks

Tempered glass Reliable and durable Requires careful treatment

Steel Does not react with acidic environment Significant weight

In a vacuum container you can not only marinate, but also store prepared food from the refrigerator or freezer.

Smart electronic scales

Smart scales not only weigh to the nearest gram. They also show the number of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates contained in the weighed portion. Examples of such devices are Beurer DS 61, REDMOND SkyScales 741S-E.

To receive the necessary information on the screen of a smartphone or tablet, you must install the application from the manufacturer. For example, for the same REDMOND SkyScales suitable application for Ready for Sky, which can be installed for free on Google Play. Then everything is intuitive: put the product on the scales and, using the internal database on the gadget, explain to the device what lies on them. The scales clearly show the complete distribution of indicators by the number of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


The base is huge. It has almost all the familiar products. And even those who have never heard of. Weighing each, you will learn how many substances will get into the body with food. Any ingredient for cooking can be calculated in an instant, which is convenient for those who count calories on a diet.

Defrosting board


Defrosting board - a useful accessory in the kitchen. Made of aluminum alloy with a dark anti-corrosion coating. It is rectangular, with a corrugated surface and with grooves for collecting thawed liquid. There are no special devices, such as a built-in battery or usb connectors.


Due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the board gives off heat to the product and accelerates the defrost time by 2 times. The corrugated form allows air from the bottom to take away cold better. Thus, the steak is thawed in 30 minutes, fish and cutlets - in 15, and poultry fillets in 12 minutes. All the useful properties of the products are preserved. Specialize in the manufacture of defrosting boards Gipfel, Ronomo.


The alloy from which the board is made is safe for health. It does not emit harmful substances. The main thing is not to cut anything on the surface, so as not to damage the top layer, otherwise the cracks will start to multiply bacteria. Care is not demanding. It is enough to wash the appliance with a soft sponge with a kitchen dishwashing detergent.


Vacuum cleaner for the table

Vacuum cleaner for cleaning the kitchen table - a modern and unusual helper in the house. The smart device removes spilled liquid, bread crumbs, coffee dust, leaving behind a perfectly clean surface. You can't wipe it off with a rag, there are stains or missed areas.

At the base of the vacuum cleaner there is a hole into which air with garbage is sucked. Nylon bristles of small length are distributed on the bottom of the device. Thanks to these bristles the table covering does not scratch, but at the same time adheres to the surface as effectively as possible.

The built-in filter separates the air from the debris that settles to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. The device is raised above the table, so the sucked air is not directed in front of him, but on all sides. It is easy to maintain. You need to unscrew the bottom and shake the crumbs.


Three differences of the electronic gadget for kitchen from the usual vacuum cleaner.

Autonomous power supply eliminates dependence on sockets.

The absence of wires ensures freedom of movement, so the dishes on the table will remain intact.


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