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Gerard Moore 27 / February / 23

How to understand that Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a scam and works honestly?

Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a scam
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There are quite a lot of brokerage companies, but not all of them are trustworthy. Forex attracts scammers who often pose as trusted services, thereby putting their reputation at risk. They lure money, sell non-existent services and disappear after a certain period of time.

Here are the signs of a good intermediary:

Bawerk Trading & Investment is a good European broker with no debts to clients. The platform is appropriate for players with any trading experience, and there are no hidden payments. The company respects the contract and pays taxes.

The site is official, with a secure connection. There are bonuses as an incentive that increase initial capital.

The broker has quite comfortable conditions, it provides free training and complies with the regulator's regulations.

Bawerk Trading & Investment works legally with several types of payment systems and doesn't limit the size of the withdrawal.

Scammers. How do they work?

Scammers have quite a lot of different schemes and they are excellent manipulators. But you can still detect them if you want to. Here's what betrays them:

Bawerk Trading & Investment is not a broker forex scammer, as there are not only licenses, but also positive reviews proving that the broker meets its obligations by providing payouts.

What do the customers like?

The company has an official website and European registration. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of trading experience. You can open an account after verification. There is a good educational base. For example, you can read articles, download books and understand terms on the website. There are various tools for making up a personal strategy, including actual analytics.

Everything with Bawerk Trading & Investment is simple and straightforward. All of the customer's problems are promptly resolved by the support team, and there are no penalties for inaction.

There are regular updates to the list of assets. The site is translated into several languages and has a nice, functional interface.

Bawerk Trading & Investment is legit and pays taxes, doesn't hide reporting. Offers favorable terms and bonuses.


The broker is reliable and licensed. Client data is protected by encryption. Transactions are placed immediately on the currency market. Everyone receives payouts.


Question: - Does the broker report possible losses?

Answer: - Yes. 

Question: - How much do I have to pay for opening an account?

Answer: - The account opening is free.

Question: - Is it easy to call Bawerk Trading & Investment?

Answer: - Yes. All the contact numbers are in a special section on our website.

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