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Gerard Moore 31 / May / 21

The brokerage company AssetShot: review

AssetShot reviews from traders | review
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AssetShot scam

AssetShot broker

The focus is on new brokers who recently appeared on the market, offer favorable terms and attract traders from all over the world. For our part, on our website we try to debunk the myths about brokers who came only to profit from investors. According to the results of our analytical department audit, we can present you complete review.

The company has recently entered the new market and this is yet to have a good effect on its reputation.

In the course of writing this review, we found a lot of reviews about the AssetShot broker. All clients describe cooperation with the company in a positive way, which gives us the right to make an unambiguous conclusion that not one of them mention as a scam. Most of them name it a successful project that has managed to earn a good reputation in a short period of time. review accounts and account plans

The resource provides information on 4 types of accounts:








250 USDT.

2,000 USDT

10 thousand USDT.

50 thousand USDT.

















Broker AssetShot - review

Finding reviews was not so easy, because broker has been on a market only since 2020. But we found a sufficient number of assessments of the company, and that’s an advantage. However, there was no evidence found about AssetShot scam or fraud.

Broker AssetShot: great number of positive reviews

Company is trusted in security matters. First of all, because the company makes strict security requirements for its traders. On-site verification is a must.

Of course, there is a privacy policy, data encryption, and therefore the company does not store any passwords or other customer data, other than provided for verification and trading. Surely, even this data is strongly encrypted.

There are no complaints about withdrawal or depositing of funds to the broker.

The company provides great support service. The support works nicely, technical problems are resolved as quickly as possible. Conditions are suitable as for beginners as for professional traders.

The bronze account allows you to enter with an amount of $250 and immediately receive some advice from professionals.

That’s what reviews say:

According to the terms of cooperation with AssetShot review showed that the broker has sanctioned several international programs to protect its trade reputation, including the program against money laundering (Anti Money Laundering) and Know your customer. As you may know, KYC, strains even ordinary traders, as verification requires screenshots and photos. However, this is a protection for all as brokers as traders.

For those who traded on cryptocurrency broker platforms or just used exchanges, the verification procedure will not show anything new: you will need to provide pics of your ID, document confirming your place of residence (even some utility bill is suitable), bank statements or purchase receipts.


What do clients say:

AssetShot is the best broker I've worked with. With the technical side, everything is almost perfect, you do not need to worry about any problems or interruptions.


This is the only broker that has caught my attention today, although I am very selective in my decisions. I liked the fact that the AssetShot has a high level of service, the trading terminal works perfectly, deals are opened quickly, which adds convenience to trading. High level of protection - verification is required when withdrawing funds.


What I like about the AssetShot is the technical support job. They will always quickly and clearly answer any question, give recommendations and explanations. Convenient personal account of the client, everything is structural, there are many ways to deposit and withdraw funds, for every taste, as they say. Money is withdrawn quickly, usually 12 hours and money on the card.


I really like to trade in financial markets - keeping track of the price, finding entry points and correctly exiting deals - that's what I do best! I feel like a strategist and analyst who watches everything by himself, manages everything and makes decisions. This is both a business where you are a key figure and a kind of hobby. And my best broker AssetShot helps me with this - always complete and fresh analytics, news, there is no need to look additionally - everything is on the site in the public domain.


 Access is always available from anywhere. I trade both from a phone and a tablet, money can be withdrawn from anywhere in the world, the withdrawal is quick, half a day - and the profit is already in hand. There are many ways to withdraw and deposit money. I enjoy my work with AssetShot and continue to work with them with pleasure. I wish the company success and financial development!




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user_avatarPatterson George 16.06.2021

I set a goal to master forex and start to earn a stable. High passive income and financial independence from the whole world, what else is needed in order to adequately meet old age? ))) I went through several online courses, read a lot, talked with the pros, reviewed a bunch of webinars. At the same time I trained on demo accounts with different brokers, tried real deals. Now stopped at AssetShot. Opened an account on the starting tariff plan for $ 250. A little nervous, and of course upset when I saw the first minus. With the help of the support I went out of the drawdown. Then I additionally ttried different strategies, connected bots. I began to spend day and night in the terminal))) Returned everything, went plus, but I have not withdrawn funds yet. I am in a fighting spirit, I really like the conditions here. Static spreads, the broker does not lift quotes. There are 50 key currency pairs and a large selection of various trade items. MetaTrader trading platform 4. There are no contests, promotions, bonuses and tournaments for the time being. I'm not up to them, to be honest.

user_avatarKennedy Oliver 18.06.2021

The broker AssetShot has a thoughtful and solid approach to the whole organization of the trading process. The technical side is clear, without bugs, it works stably and reliably. According to the professional training level of technical support, you can draw conclusions about the competence of the founders themselves, it should be no less than experts and traders with many years of experience. In addition, there is a very good speed of all operations, and there were no cancellations and departures. Quotes are slightly below the market or are the same, static spreads, successful analytics with high accuracy of forecasts. I have been trading EUR / USD for a long time. As far as I understand, there is a cool scalping here, but I don’t risk it myself. The MetaTrader 4 comfort terminal can be customized. The broker has no competitions, inter-trading tournaments, contests. No holiday promotions. Let's see what will change with time.

user_avatarLawrence Owen 20.06.2021

Ready to put a strong four to broker AssetShot. I like the quality of work and services. The required minimum is fully implemented, there are enough tools. You can take more expensive rates. The execution speed and successful analytics, by the way, work the same for all client levels. There is everything for profitable trading. But for those who like to be distracted by the entertainment, there is almost nothing on the site. Only a few informative articles. Even in contacts there are only two types of communication with support. It is a pity that there is no online chat or an account in any messenger. I am glad that sustained and smart consultants work at the support, ready to answer any question on the topic. It is good that the MetaTrader platform is used. Native mobile app can be put on a tablet or smartphone to work from anywhere. I do not like to be attached to the place. I need travel a lot, and of course it would be hard to carry a laptop with me.

user_avatarBoone Scott 27.06.2021

I have been trading with AssetShot broker for several months. Pleased with native analytics. In conditions there is no commission for I / O. Fixed spreads correspond to the market. No choice of terminals, only MetaTrader 4. In the traded positions of the 50 most important currency pairs, food, raw materials, precious metals. There is something like a loyalty program for friends. Good support, answers questions, not rude. The site has no trading tournaments, contests and promotions. I work without failures, the profit grows, my opinion is positive.

user_avatarTerry Daniel 10.07.2021

A year ago, I was in trouble with one broker. I opened an account due to advertising with a welcome bonus. In reality, it turned out that the broker has sky-high spreads and its conditions often change. Soon I leaked the entire contribution along with the bonus. Gone to look for more reliable options. Since autumn I trade with AssetShot. Companies will soon be a year. I came here also by invitation, but without any surprises. My friend called. He himself managed to reach a specific plus here in six months. As he explained, the system was assembled by experienced traders and financiers, so everything is clearly designed to make money at all levels. All operations are transparent, no pitfalls or hidden fees. Adequate quotes and fixed spreads, leverage 1: 300, customizable system settings in the terminal MT 4. Local analytics allows you to build your strategy, but you can trade with bots. I like the support, all the guys are experienced, friendly, patient. But it's hard to get through. So far I am pleased with everything, I think about the transition to the next tariff.

user_avatarMcCoy Peter 01.08.2021

When I came to work in Assetshot, I immediately liked it and pay more than in the compasures that I wrote. Assetshot best !!

user_avatarFrancis Christopher 05.08.2021

Assetshot excellent platform. There will be all the features that MT4 give (including indicators and elements of those. Analysis), plus it is possible to invest in traders. This is a web terminal, nothing needs to install anything on the computer. Very cool thing!

user_avatarSingleton Isaac 14.08.2021

Yes, all the same thing. On the news it is really quite risky at any broker. In the rest of them, they are not worse than others, from those who work at least honestly. I like

user_avatarFerguson Gordon 21.08.2021

Assetshot introduced the ability to install postponenel on the closed market. The main advantage is that in addition to conventional dedication, it is possible to establish those that open exactly at the price of the opening of the market. In general, out of such small pluses and develops a common big plus.

user_avatarReynolds Oswald 23.08.2021

Assetshot constantly develops new applications, most different. Just released a new one: "MT4 - account replenishment." Great app! Not spending extra traffic and time, with the help of a universal application, you can now simply and quickly open or replenish trading accounts. If the developers in the future will come up with the withdrawal of funds from the application - this will be a furor!

user_avatarEvans Gabriel 03.09.2021

assetshot is okay for you if you are not looking for something special like amusement, because what you offer is just a trading platform and a bit of education for those who need it.

user_avatarDixon Jack 04.09.2021

assetshot is cool when it comes to talking to customers, but sometimes they can be a bit slow. It can take about 5-10 minutes until you get your answer.

user_avatarHill Augustine 16.09.2021

Has been dealing with the assetshot for several months, a kind of opinion has formed. assetshot are pretty decent, but they have a big problem, namely their payout times. I have no idea how this works in the technical sense, but I can not imagine why I have to wait for my money and does not have to get it immediately because it's my account

user_avatarChase Kevin 25.09.2021

The surgery times for the assetshot are the only serious problem I've come across so far. You can take a long time, a few hours, maybe half a day. I do not know if this is an industry standard

user_avatarBooth Michael 27.09.2021

The only thing I would advise to advise to all beginners out there is not in a hurry to leave the demo account. They will have all the time in the world to endanger their money. Why do not you first learn the trade? The representative of assetshot mentioned that the experiences with work with real money and work with demos can be very different, but still.

user_avatarClark Paul 01.10.2021

Broker partners to become, maybe the best decision I've ever met in my trading career.

user_avatarWalton Paul 02.10.2021

This broker is just great! I like the customer service particularly well. I will stay with these guys for some time and hope that I will earn even more money with them.

user_avatarBarber Michael 14.10.2021

Would I recommend this company after having collaborated with you half a year? I feel that a simple "yes" in this case is not enough, so yes, I would do it. Seriously, people, these people look wonders.

user_avatarNewman Kevin 23.10.2021

Come on, people, we all know that this broker is good and respectable. I have been working with you at the moment for a year.

user_avatarWatkins Donald 27.10.2021

Okay, let me say that: This broker is the best thing that can happen to a beginner who is longing to join the merchandise market. People are real gold, through and by professionally.