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Gerard Moore 05 / June / 21

AssetShot scam forex broker educational program: how not to fall into scammers trap scam forex broker? | AssetShot scam ?
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To become a victim of a scammer, it is not even necessary to have money: sometimes unscrupulous citizens, using various manipulations, force people to take loans and leave them in a deep dept. In recent years, the number of cybercrimes has been growing, and the criminals themselves come up with more and more ways to deceive.

AssetShot scam detection expert explains how to expose a swindler and not let oneself be fooled. scam check: Modus operandi

The Internet has simplified many areas of people's lives and eliminated many useless activities. At the same time, it significantly simplified the life of fraudsters, making it possible to commit crimes remotely. Attackers rarely need anything other than a phone and internet access. At the same time, the risks directly in the process of "work" are minimal for them: if the interlocutor does not believe that he urgently needs to transfer all his money to the "reserve account", they can get nasty, hang up and continue calling. reviews that is almost impossible to list all types of scam on the Internet: criminals regularly come up with new and new ways to cheat.

For years, criminals have also been using methods that have already become classic. For example, they sell goods on free classified sites or in online stores and disappear after receiving payment from a failed customer. Scammers continue to use duplicate sites and phishing links. Sometimes they sell tickets to non-existent VIP cinemas, promise compensation or offer free services - however, to use them, you need to enter your bank card details. Such sellers - people who most often call themselves business coaches and sell courses on a successful life. They promise clients instant wealth that will fall into their hands if they take out a loan and pay for their guru's courses.

AssetShot scam detection expert notices: however, one of the most popular fraudulent methods is a call on behalf of a bank employee. For greater reliability, fraudsters often use number spoofing programs and call as if from a bank number - this increases the likelihood that the future victim will believe in the deception. The further part of the plot is variable: some cybercriminals try to find out the card details, including a three-digit code, to make purchases on it, others try to change the phone number attached to the card and take over their victim's online bank account, and still, others assure the interlocutor that he will soon lose all his money if he does not transfer it to a "safe account». scam check: Victim portrait

Some believe that only elderly people become victims of fraudsters, who often find it more difficult to navigate the information space. In reality, this is not the case. It is hardly possible to compose an average portrait of the victim, because retirees, students, and middle-aged citizens transfer money to the attackers just as easy as an elder.

AssetShot experts state that to mislead a person, criminals actively use data from social engineering and various psychological techniques. For example, during calls, they, posing as bank employees, busily address a person by name, and then report that they have noticed suspicious transactions. The potential victim is in a position where there is practically no time to think. False bankers claim that the only way not to lose money is to transfer it to a "reserve account" right now. At the same time, they build the conversation in such a way that the interlocutors have no doubts that they were called by a real bank employee.

Many people who fell for the trap of criminals then confessed that during the call they were not quite aware of what they were doing. The thought that they had been deceived usually appears when the money had already been transferred from the account. As stated by AssetShots scam detection experts, it’s usually a matter of several minutes.

No one doubts that fraudsters are to blame for the crimes, however, some AssetShots experts associate the fact that people continue to become their victims with the level of digital literacy in the country. This term refers to the body of knowledge and skills necessary for the safe and efficient use of the Internet and technology. scam check: What is digital literacy

When determining the level of digital literacy, several indicators are usually taken into account. 

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