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What is Forex

The British and Americans use the word Forex as a sign of mutual currency exchange between countries. In the former Soviet Union, Forex refers to speculation using leverage.

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$10 billion investment fund to trade bitcoin futures on CME

The flagship fund Renaissance Technologies Medallion has grown by 24% since the beginning of the year, while most institutional funds have been defeated.

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Why won't your marketing director be working long hours

The average length of employment depends on the industry: from 10 months in e-commerce to 34.8 months in financial services companies.

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What is a risk profile What is investment risk

Investment risk is the probability that the value of securities will fall or the return on investment will not meet your expectations. Why risk at all? Risk is related to profitability.

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Why do forex and binary options brokers sponsor football clubs

Sponsorship partnership between representatives of the OTC trading segment and sports teams, in particular when it comes to the most popular sporting activity football is not a new phenomenon and is very understandable

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What does a trader do in quarantine

How does it work? To access the 26 courses you need to register on the website. Each course has approximately 5-7 short video lessons, and it takes about an hour to view one course.

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What is a market supply

The supply bend depends on the introduce that each factor remains the same with the exeption of the market cost . It has just been specified over that, notwithstanding the cost of supply, numerous different components

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The crypto-currency market will recover in the second quarter

Pouncey thinks that uncompetitive investors will disappear from the market, and the rest will be able to count on good news. It is because of this that the value of coins will increase again and for a long time.

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The US and China provoke the emergence of a global economic crisis

Recent events and decisions of the US cause a lot of controversy and fear. We decided to figure out what, nevertheless, should be expected in the near future.

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