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Actual Articles  from professionals 11 / 04 / 20 Views: 552

4 Ways to Reduce Product Costs

Proper use of existing opportunities in conjunction with the involvement of new tools will allow you to see the results already in the short term

Actual Articles  from professionals 10 / 04 / 20 Views: 498

powerful tool for forex market analysis

VSA volume spread analysis is a patented technique for analyzing market volumes with a range of candlesticks (their size and shape). The method was developed by stock market legend Richard Weikoff in the late 80's.

Actual Articles  from professionals 09 / 04 / 20 Views: 511

Bitcoin: reasons for the growth

The prospect of further growth of cryptocurrencies. The reasons for the increase in BTC prices from $3,000 to $4,000.

Actual Articles  from professionals 08 / 04 / 20 Views: 501

Bitcoin growth in February

The difference in the growth of Bitcoin on February 18 from previous price hikes. Forecast for 2 months, the reasons for the reversal

Actual Articles  from professionals 07 / 04 / 20 Views: 522

Apartments and business

Apartments and business are stolen through electronic signatures: ways to protect yourself and your loved ones With the development of new technologies

Actual Articles  from professionals 07 / 04 / 20 Views: 504

Adjust or Death: how coronavirus changes world

The news space is full of news about the ongoing fight against the coronavirus and the price of oil. But what happens to global companies?

Actual Articles  from professionals 06 / 04 / 20 Views: 516

10 technologies that will disappear in the coming years

Switching from mirrors to cameras will be brought into effect in the next 2 years. Unmanned vehicles, which are also gaining momentum

Actual Articles  from professionals 05 / 04 / 20 Views: 505

10 breakthrough technologies of 2018

3D printing itself has existed for a very long time, but it was used mainly for working with plastic. All other materials - especially metal

Actual Articles  from professionals 30 / 03 / 20 Views: 518

Forex Volume Analysis

A volume analysis of the Forex market is to study the volume of trading operations at certain price levels and identify patterns between the amount of money

Actual Articles  from professionals 28 / 03 / 20 Views: 541

Forex reversal strategies examples

The classics of technical analysis in their works urge traders to trade with the trend. It is really better for beginners to heed these tips, but experienced traders can earn just as much from price reversals.

Actual Articles  from professionals 28 / 03 / 20 Views: 492

Free forex signals. How to make thousands of dollars a month

Note that approximately 90% of the offers are free Forex signals, which undoubtedly will appeal to novice traders, often short of money.

Actual Articles  from professionals 27 / 03 / 20 Views: 613

Automatic trading. How to choose advisors, or trading robots?

Automatic trading is trading with the help of a program - a robot that analyzes the market itself according to the built-in algorithm, opens deals, monitors them, closes it itself or by its stop or take.

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