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Unclassified secrets In puzzles

the main role is given to the sender of information, while in secrecy the recipient plays a decisive role. It was October 23, 2006. Jeffrey Skilling, wearing a dark blue suit and tie, was sitting at a table in the District

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Forex Partnership Programmes: Are They Really Useful?

Nowadays, such a phenomenon as a partner program, and in fact provides an opportunity to earn without any effort, and it is absolutely legal and has an exclusively market background.

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What are the patterns on Forex

Given all the difficulties of trading in the Forex market, it can sometimes make it easier for a trader to live in certain patterns by which to predict price movement in a certain direction.

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Is it possible to trade without indicators ?!

Recently, professional traders have begun to give up trading with indicators and assess the market situation by looking at quotations alone. The point is that they perceive the indicators as an obstacle to trading

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Volume is the key to success in any market.

Many believe that volume indicators give an accurate indicator on the trading chart. But I will say right away that an ordinary trader will never know about the real trading volume. This information is simply not available to him

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Van Tarp about deadly mistakes for a trader

The main mistakes of a forex trader, which should be known about, were identified by an expert in the psychology of financial trading, Dr. Van K. Tarp.

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Explore trading forex strategy Boomerang

Punching coup strategies with capital management by the martingale method are fairly common. It is enough to recall such, famous in due time, trading systems as 'Chameleon' or 'Cheburashka.'

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Forex Rebate - How Does It Work?

We all love discounts and bonuses, and always, even at the subconscious level, choose exactly the organizations we need that can, all other things being equal, offer them. Most forex brokerage centers are well aware of this

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6 cryptocurrency trends in 2019

Over the past couple of years, many institutional investors have fallen for the ICO. In anticipation of profit with several Xs (x2 - double profit

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Survivors. How Chinese economy is recovering from epidemic

China's coronavirus action is one of the best examples to date. Its fight against economic consequences is at a level

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Forex Trading Strategy on Indicators White Ladder

The main application of the forex strategy 'White Ladder' is in the stock exchange trade on the current trend, and it shows the best results on medium-term trends. The principle of its operation is based on the detection

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Breeze Wallet made bitcoin

Breeze Wallet made bitcoin transaction anonymity technology more accessible for ordinary users

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