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Gerard Moore 11 / April / 21

Apollofinances scam and risk groups checklist: how to avoid a fraud scam or Profit? Apollofinances scam review
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We decided to create a brief description of the popular scams that newbie traders fall into. The Apollofinances broker tells us about those most common fraud schemes. To avoid that scam, even a novice trader needs to understand how to see the reality behind colorful promises. Trading experience allow experts to rely on their own conclusions about the foreign exchange market and its trends.

According to experts of scam preventing team, fraudsters focus primarily on traders with less knowledge and more ambitions. After all, many of them come to Forex with a dream of quick earnings. However, the market is a place of fierce competition, and in the beginning of that pass all the successful strategies are yet to be built.

Traders with average experience who have worked with one or two companies, but still look for faster ways to generate income, are also in the field of scammers.

In both cases, the deception is based on well-thought-out advertising and theft of funds from foreign exchange investors. Let's figure it out.


Apollofinances scam investigating: schemes for newbies in trading

There are two main causes of fraud for newcomers:

-      New traders often don’t understand what information the broker should provide them before starting cooperation and depositing money;

-      They want to get rich quickly and are ready to pay for unrealistic strategies even not seeing the market.

In the first case, you need to understand that an honest company like will provide all information about itself. And the main of it all is the legal address, company documents and registration number.

The broker must provide all the contact details (just an e-mail is clearly not enough to keep in touch with both managers and support service). Best indicator of reliable company is registration and jurisdiction information, located on every screen of the website.

To start cooperation, you need to register at, and to access global trading, you need to verify your identity. Those details are required by international law, and an honest broker must comply with such standards.

All details on the rights and obligations of both agreed parties must be stated on the so that the investor can familiarize himself with them before signing the contract. In addition, it is important to be able to discuss any point of the user agreement or other document with your manager. And here in Legal section we can see the full package of documents needed for the trading. scam check:

The second weak point for beginners is ambition and the desire to earn as much as possible and as quickly as possible. In the foreign exchange market, surprising coincidences actually can happen and inspire many traders, but they are extremely rare. Most traders at first lose investments, but gradually they learn to build their strategies, take an example from more experienced players and follow the recommendations of professional brokers.

A broker who promises immediate and large profits for small investments is definitely misleading its clients. It does not mean that the company is a fraudulent company, but it does not mean a fair and honest approach to cooperation either.

Therefore, you should not trust colorful advertising campaigns, and check the market before you deposit money.

Apollofinances: Scam or Profit

What can stand in a way of an experienced trader? The reason is simple – once the trader wants to make even more money, he’s vulnerable and can become a victim of a fraud. And even if he’s experienced in trading, there’s no guarantee that he won’t be scammed with false signals service or other scheme.

According to scam protection service, there are two points that fraudsters use for the experiences traders:

As mentioned above, a conscientious broker will not promise you any big wins (no more than your initial investment for sure), but will recommend some moderate investments and careful actions. There’s always a chance for a possible failure and some losses at first (sometimes even for a period of time, it’s live market after all). Thus, some traders may get a little frustrated over time and want to find a more ‘inspiring’ company. This is where danger awaits: most ads rarely turn out to be true. Instead of a ‘more efficient broker’, trader can get to the scammer.

Finally, some unhonest brokers try to trade in "successful Forex earning strategies." Indeed, any intermediary takes money for his recommendations and they, one way or another, should generate income for clients. However, if the “broker” deals just with the sale of strategies, not trading itself, and takes money in advance for this (without even providing a platform for trading), then this is clearly a scam.

For a websites of reliable companies like Apollofinances scam is not possible or tolerated by company: company provides clear trading terminal, both for desktop and mobile trading. There is a lot of information about the company both on company website and around the Web, including full legal description, terms of cooperation, all the leverage details and policies. Thus, the client of the company can always get to the platform, track transactions and stay in touch with the broker around the clock.

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Comments 39
Rodrigo Dias 15.04.2021

In 2018, I made a mistake and trusted the wrong team. I got on a scam. I lost money, a little, but very disappointing. Then I was so fired up with colorful promises of quick profits that I didn't even check who I was working with. It was some fucking pyramid! I'm a lot more careful now. I checked this command, even asked my lawyer friend to help me. Here I`m sure that we have been working together for several months and everything suits me.

jummy 18.04.2021

Choose a service not by features, but by the real profit you get! Brokers somehow survive in COVID too. You pay both for your opportunities to make money and for the fact that brokers remain in an unstable market. In the end, everyone is fine.

Sam 20.04.2021

Wait, I'll put on my glasses and look at the commission rate! Joke. It seems to me that this is the only broker I have met where everything is balanced. I work with him and intend to continue our cooperation.

user_avatarBernhard 26.04.2021

If you ask me about forex trading, I won't answer much. There was no other choice but to choose broker only on the ratings and reviews. I joined them last month. It was a smooth start honestly, and I can already see that they have good staff and work fast.

user_avatarCarl 28.04.2021

I chose pipsing since stock trading became too boring for me. Already have two years of experience. For some reason brokers don't support scalping, so it's nice to finally work with a company that does not limit their clients. As I used to trade daily, all my transactions get no more than 8-12 minutes delay. I am satisfied? Of course yes.

user_avatarTorsten 12.05.2021

I spent on trading seven years, and I still like companies where you can not only push buttons but communicate is necessary. Like this one

user_avatarReynold 13.05.2021

I started working with it purely because of the opportunity to trade not only currency pairs, but also stocks, cryptocurrencies, metals. Probably no other broker can boast of such a variety of trading instruments.

user_avatarCharles 20.05.2021

During March, I used the opportunity to trade without swaps. Got a real benefit by saving on broker commissions!

user_avatarKenneth 30.05.2021

For many years I have been interested in trading, and lately, the prospect of making money on cryptocurrencies is obvious to me. I believe that such opportunities should not be missed. I chose a pair of Binance Coin and the Canadian dollar.

user_avatarMichael Hayes 10.06.2021

I like professionalism of the support team. They were really helpful a couple of times I had to turn to them.

user_avatarDennis Rice 12.06.2021

I had to quit my job due to quarantine, so now I make most of my money here. It’s a great way to get some income in these trying times.

user_avatarGerald Barnes 18.06.2021

They called me just a week and a half ago, and I’m already trading actively. I didn’t expect to enjoy it this much. Special thanks to operator who talked to me on the phone, he told me everything about the terminal in a great detail.

user_avatarDavid Wright 20.06.2021

When I just registered here, my account manager did everything to help me. I haven’t encountered any issues with my trading for half a year, guess I have to thank him for that.

user_avatarFrank Harris 26.06.2021

Speaking from experience, this company is fine – decent conditions, and you definitely can trust them with your money.

user_avatarJohn Smith 27.06.2021

I appreciate the range of different settings and tools they’ve got. And got to mention the payments - you can pay almost any amount of money, it’s really convenient.

user_avatarGibbs Christopher 02.07.2021

Recently I had to refuse the assistance of the Otkritie broker. Well, imagine, they have a time limit for entering currency - 1-2 days, well, it's no good. With such speed it is impossible to work, and you can forget about profits in a volatile market. I opened an account with Apollofinances. I'm just celebrating. The input takes a few minutes, and at the current rate, you can immediately calculate the numbers, a system is transparent. The withdrawal takes a little longer, but it's also quite quickly. In my opinion, as fast as possible it turns out to withdraw funds to an e-wallet, a bit slower to a bank card, well, and most of the time it takes to withdraw to a bank account. By the way, the only commission may be from your bank, the broker does not have it. I would recommend to add several trading terminals, so that not only Meta Trader was. There are still not enough financial instruments to increase the level of market analysis. There is just enough for newbies there, and when you are already gaining experience, you want to work with more functionality besides basic facilities.

user_avatarDouglas Paul 06.07.2021

How I came to Apollofinances. At first I failed with Weltrade, when I fell for holiday promotion with bonuses in honor of the decade. Good thing, that I quickly figured out the rest of the conditions, and it's not much, alas. Withdrew funds and went to Apollofinances. Here everything is already transparent and predictable. Spreads are lower, there is no commission for withdrawal, and the speed of operations is higher. Yesterday I ran the money to the card, for instance, it took just an hour to do everything, though it used to happen even faster. Input is also quick, 10-15 minutes. Well, yes, there are no bonuses, promotions, competitions. Well, OK.

user_avatarPhillips Jonathan 07.07.2021

I was strongly recommended with Robo Forex broker, but it fell through. Just in my currencies there were very inflated spreads. Opened an account at Apollofinances. When I dealt with the conditions, I saw that the spreads there were much lower. Plus static, which means that we will not see no jumps in the storm market. It really works when you want to plan a strategy and get confident profit from it. Another fatty plus there is no commission for withdrawal, you can withdraw even daily, if you are lucky to earn in such volumes. Probably, it would be worthwhile to upload the webinars for beginners, well, and various contests for fans. Still Apollofinances has none of that.

user_avatarFranklin Charles 16.07.2021

Not a fan of writing feedback, but suddenly it will be useful to someone. A couple of months ago, I registered an account on the Apollofinances site. I have experience in brokers, so the choice was deliberate and balanced, I analyzed everything well. Among the advantages are low spreads, accurate analytics, and it is interesting to trade. For me, the disadvantages are a lack of packages and no micro accounts. One more positive momen, you can start with any amount, even with only a few hundred bucks, without much damage to your budget.

user_avatarKelly Ronald 19.07.2021

I like working with Apollofinances, one of the few adequate brokers with a sane attitude towards clients, and of course, the trading conditions are comfortable. Low enough spreads + static, so they will not jump. Support is competent, you can always call without any problems and almost always on the first attempt. There is no commission for entering money, and it is at the current rate of the bank. The withdrawal is quick, also without a percentage of the broker, can only be a bank commission. Maybe over time, they will add all sorts of bonuses and contests, so far there is nothing like that, but not enough.

user_avatarFletcher Christopher 24.07.2021

In a word, what I like about Apollofinances is honesty towards the client, no one promised the unrealizable, the broker does not tell tales about his regalia and international recognition. The company simply works, fulfills the initial promise and gives customers to trade without requotes. Normal spreads, I'm not aware of all currencies, but I monitored key ones and it goes a little lower than the market average. Extra bonus is static spreads. Smart support answers all the questions, does not interfere in work without need, however, it is not always possible to get through immediately. The withdrawal of money is organized quickly, within an hour or two. There is no commission.

user_avatarPage Jeffery 02.08.2021

I’ve started trading with Apollo Finances yesterday and haven’t made any considerable profit yet. Not really sure how fast can I earn money in this trading business, but I hope it sould be soon.

user_avatarBryant Anthony 04.08.2021

There’s no better sound than the one you hear when your hard-earned money finally come to your bank account, I can tell you that. Thank you Apollo Finances for the hustle, it was a pleasure indeed.

user_avatarBooker Martin 11.08.2021

Yeah, yeah, I like Apollo Finances terms too, but their support is really lacking. If they do smth about it they can really rise up in charts.

user_avatarDawson Cornelius 26.08.2021

Come on, Apollo Finances just plainly wipes the floor with other brokers in terms of support service. Have you ever contacted them? No? Right, that’s because it’s such a rare occasion for you to need that lol!

user_avatarDorsey Patrick 28.08.2021

Got a call from one of the Apollo Finances support guys; he was quite nice and helpful, but I’m still not sure about diving into forex.

user_avatarStevens Maximillian 29.08.2021

Money don’t grow on trees you know. You want to earn from forex market like I did — you better work with proven brokers like Apollo Finances.

user_avatarGray Paul 03.09.2021

My experience with this page is 10 months. I liked everything, but I wanted to try on the crypto currency market. The first impression proved to be quite controversial - I did not earn much, but spent a lot of time. That's why I decided to return to more famous formats and of course to a best broker!

user_avatarWard Emory 04.09.2021

How well that I do not handle practically no longer ... the reasons from my personal life. I hope we will contact you soon. It has a special atmosphere and the people of customer support have already become practical for me.

user_avatarMills Oliver 06.09.2021

I have already worked with this broker. Now I was forced to take on such a job that no time left for bids at night. Also as a passive income. But as soon as this broker has completely fulfilled my requests. Here, the entire system is adapted, there are no technical errors (or you will be fixed immediately), the profit is real and it's just enough to get it.

user_avatarCarter Milton 19.09.2021

No criticism of the work of this broker will convince me! My personal experience is six months success. I am sure that all technical problems can be solved, but I find this stability somewhere else on today's shaky and nervous market.

user_avatarShort Hugh 24.09.2021

The broker should be your best friend on the foreign exchange market. You will not make any stranger to your friend, right? For this reason, it is important to ask other users here according to their trading experience. It is important to understand what background of this broker has and whether there were big problems there. As far as I found out, this broker works clean.

user_avatarGrant Ambrose 25.09.2021

I was with this broker for two months, but went to another and believed the beautiful promises to become rich the next day. As a result, I have not earned anything special, except the trouble communicating with their support. Back to my favorite broker!

user_avatarFrancis Alan 03.10.2021

It turns out that you should act with short stops. I chose the medium term in the long run.

user_avatarHaynes David 06.10.2021

I am also satisfied with the broker in all, the terminal does not hang on the news, the payment is punctual.

user_avatarWilson George 12.10.2021

The broker has a bunch of licenses and that's why I have made a small amount on the deposit, and until today I do not regret it.

user_avatarDorsey Anthony 13.10.2021

Support in the company at the level, no matter what questions arise, will always help.

user_avatarButler Charles 16.10.2021

I have never regretted that I started working with this broker. The courses do not freeze, the servers work well, the support is prompt.

user_avatarGrant Oliver 21.10.2021

Decent broker. The platform works without interruptions, transactions are immediately triggered, money will be withdrawn without any questions.