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Apollofinances reviews on deposit and withdrawal quality reviews traders | Apollofinances reviews
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Withdrawing money while working: Apollofinances reviews from traders over the last 3 years.

Apollofinances broker operates on the European market for investing in currencies on Forex, as well as other assets. In general, the company provides its clients with consulting and capacity (software, trading platform) in five main areas - currency, stocks, indices, commodities and futures. Each of the listed markets has its own characteristics and involves different types of earnings - from short positions with daily gains to long-term investments. The company's specialists are ready to train clients on the nuances of trading. At the same time, the total experience of a broker with investments totals more than ten years. reviews show that company employees are well-know for high expertise in trading and market analysis.

Company website: (customer reviews indicate that the site is simple and straightforward, and the broker's activities are transparent).

Number of clients: about ten thousand.

Geography of clients: more than 92% are residents of Western Europe.

Minimum deposit: $ 250 for the "Bronze" tariff plan (to get acquainted with the basics of trading).

Maximum deposit: unlimited, the Platinum tariff is designed for clients with a deposit of $ 50,000 or more.

The registered office of the company: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH 96960.

Basic information about the company and its methods of work is posted on the website.

How to become a trader with Apollofinances

Follow these five easy steps to gain an access to the company's capabilities, familiarize yourself with the trading platform, and decide on investment and collaboration.

Step 1.

To become a client of this broker, you can simply fill out the registration form, indicating the age and country of residence, as well as a contact phone number, e-mail. The registration form will open by clicking on the "Open account" button on the main page of the site in the right corner of the menu bar.

Step 2.

Or you can start by choosing a tariff plan and then registering with a specific request.

Decide on the most suitable tariff for you. Novice investors often choose the "Bronze" or "Silver" tariffs, since this is a small installment. The advantages of the "Silver" tariff are that the amount of $2000 opens access to use of leverage (from 1: 200), and also allows you to try to invest in any types of assets (including currencies and goods).

Step 3.

In both cases, the company manager will contact you. An account manager is a person who can solve almost any issues for you and will support your trading.

Step 4.

To start trading, you should choose a platform - either a web platform from a broker, or a terminal installed on your computer. The latter option is considered the safest in the event of a hacker attack.

To support uninterrupted trading and to keep your finger on the pulse of the market in both cases, reviews advise to install the web trader application on your smartphone.

Step 5.

Go through verification. Access to trading operations will be opened after personal identification, which is required by law to protect against fraud (Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer programs, which are required to be performed by brokerage companies).

In fact, verification is not a complicated procedure - the client needs to send screenshots of passport images, as well as a document confirming the client's place of residence (for example, a utility bill), sometimes a photo is needed and, in rare cases, a bank statement. takes all measures to protect clients from any kind of scam. Read more in the company's documents posted in the public domain on the site.

Deposit and withdrawal of money in Apollofinances reviews of regular customers

The quality of deposit and withdrawal of money is almost the main characteristic that investors are interested in while looking for a brokerage company.

There are a lot of positive feedbacks on how to deposit and withdraw money from Apollofinances. We processed about 40 responses from social networks and sites of the Trustpilot level, trying to make them chronologically at least the last three years - in order to trace the dynamics of service quality. But we did not notice any problems: even the delays in payments described by some clients were ultimately explained by technical reasons and the money was still received. reviews on withdrawing money:

Mike Ashby, 32, Stockport (UK), entrepreneur:

“I started with the Silver tariff, it was verified in a day and after three days money came from the bank and I was able to start trading. Before that I was a trader with 2 years experience. I like Apollofinances for its robust approach and the way the managers work - understandably and quickly. And the commissions are quite low, which pleases me! "


Ronnie Mansell, 38, Plymouth (UK), auto parts salon owner:

“In four years with this broker, there have been delays in withdrawing money only twice. Once my personal account was suspended. Then the company apologized in a letter and gave me a bonus. Once again, the money was delayed for a day by the bank, which was conducting routine checks of accounts, but after 25 hours I was able to receive my funds. No other questions arose, is a reliable friend for a trader. "

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Comments 39
Anthony 18.04.2021

Working with them now and going to continue in the future. In theory, you can spend years looking for the best broker ever, but I think it is important to find the balance between "jumping in bed with the first broker you see" and "never settling because there is always some little detail missing". I think I've managed to find such balance here, so there you go.

Dwight 18.04.2021

I work with this broker today. We invested as a whole team. The choice pays off. I've been looking for a broker for probably years. Changed several internet services. There are some important features here. It is also very important that a good service. On seemingly good platforms, the service is very bad. Everything is harmonious here, I would say.

Paul McKinney 22.04.2021

If you are just looking for a suitable trading platform - try with this service. What I like is the convenience. I hate situations where I cannot understand what is happening in the market. With this broker, I have information about any changes almost immediately. And now I can react quickly!

user_avatarPaul 09.05.2021

I had never tried trading before, but then I've got a call three weeks ago and plunged into all this. As for the work of the firm, I need to note their costumer support service, the MT4 trading terminal, although I don't think I use all its capabilities, and orders processing.

user_avatarPhilippe 11.05.2021

I enjoy that I can trade at night time and still use support when I need them. I don't have the opportunity to trade during the day, because I work in office daily, but right now it's an additional income and I'm not going to lose it.

user_avatarSAMUEL 12.05.2021

They have good tariff plans, also not high thresholds of entry. I also liked the consultants approach. The company that I can recommend.

user_avatarmartin 16.05.2021

The terms are standard and no different. This is of course a very strong and established broker who will pay you 100% profit. It hasgood trade entry signals.

user_avatarJohnny 23.05.2021

The broker is excellent and there are no shortcomings. Everything is at its best: from support to the terminal itself with tools. You can trade any asset. Order execution is fast.

user_avatardavid 25.05.2021

Technical support answers all your questions, more than, so to speak. You can also use automated trading. And the trading platform is very good. The main thing does not hang when trading. Money is withdrawn without problems. In general, I recommend a broker for trading.

user_avatarMaurice Manning 04.06.2021

I definitely like this place. Getting additional €300-400 a month without doing much is pretty great.

user_avatarDaniel Martinez 07.06.2021

It's my third month with this company, and things are only getting better. I’m so thankful to my manager for helping me understand how everything works.

user_avatarAnthony Harper 14.06.2021

I really like these terms, one of the best I’ve seen in years (I’m trading since 2006).

user_avatarBobby Brown 15.06.2021

I've just got back to trading after another break, gotta say market is pretty active right now. And I was glad to find company with decent conditions and trading environment. Definitely a right time to return.

user_avatarGeorge Williams 19.06.2021

I prefer to move my money around from time to time. Found this platform a month ago and wasn't disappointed, it's a nice source of additional income.

user_avatarAnthony Clark 26.06.2021

I’m relatively new to trading, tried to trade on indicators and got a bit confused – too many instruments and options. So I’m really thankful to support for their explanations. It’s so satisfying when you finally understand how it works.

user_avatarNicholson Benjamin 02.07.2021

I switched to Apollofinances after I learned that spreads and commissions here are lower than from my last broker. The treatment is excellent, the level of services suits me, you can start with any amount. Smart support. It happened that I consulted when I got into a drawdown. Once stuck in the castle, I was completely lost what to do, thanks to the guys, they settled the situation. I've managed to get out with just a little minus. I do not have enough indicators in the terminal, I would add.

user_avatarGardner Matthew 07.07.2021

Excellent scalping with a broker Apollofinances is guaranteed. Orders fly, the system is clear, stable, there are no disconnects, transactions are not canceled. Everything works quickly and without requotes. Regardless of the amount, input slips promptly, almost instantly from the card and webmoney. For now, I have withdrawn means on the webmoney once, everything was credited at once, there were no commission, suuuper.

user_avatarEllis Ronald 13.07.2021

My assessment is 7/10. To the advantages of Apollofinances I put fast ordering and adequate support. There were no surprises, the cancellation of transactions did not happen, and the support did not throw up left-wing cases. In the shortcomings I leave the lack of terminal's choice, webinars, contests, and I still do not always get to call in support from the first attempt.

user_avatarWalton John 17.07.2021

For six months of trading with this broker I have not had serious complaints about my work, from the time of registration to this day. Within one minute, I registered an account, promptly contacted the manager, talked. He told me in detail about the broker's work process, what spreads and where exactly to watch, what commissions there are, how to get verified and withdraw money from the platform. They gave a consultation on the terminal Meta Trader, more precisely, they sent a link with the instructions. At first they advised to read it myself, to figure it out, and then to call the support again with questions. After that, I calmly poured in three hundred, by the way, the operation went according to the current banking rate. And then the trades started automatically. And now I have been trading for six months, without cancellations and requotes. Pleases a clear and fast withdrawal. And what sometimes infuriates, so that beeps in the tube. It is not always possible to reach the support immediately.

user_avatarLambert Roy 20.07.2021

I have never worked with the Meta Trader 4 platform. But when comparing, I realized that the trading conditions of Apollofinances are more comfortable for me than the conditions of my current broker. I thought that the need to move to a new platform from the usual C Trade could be a lesser evil. Most attracted for me was the absence of commission for withdrawal and for input too. It is clear that this was not a spontaneous decision. I thoroughly studied all the details, talked with the support. Competent managers, by the way, reassured me. I found out that all terminals have the same logic, despite some differences, plus there is a detailed instruction. In addition, you can always call in support, if necessary. First I decided to invest 300 bucks. And when I finally figured it out, I added up to 1000. Orders are executed clearly, without failures, I work with deferred ones and until the failures have happened. Requests for withdrawal are processed fairly quickly.

user_avatarPatterson Charles 22.07.2021

There were some doubts before opening an account at Apollofinances, rather out of ignorance. For three months of work they've dissappeared, the broker is stable and has never failed. Somehow it quickly became clear that the company was brought out by experienced players who are good at this sort of thing in exchange trading business. Despite the broker youngness, the support definitly consists of not the begginers. All processes are optimized, employees act confidently in any situation, always help in word and deed. Several times I've been calling to the support to just test the level. Of the benefits, I can point out low and static spreads. And as for the shortcomings I miss the contests and various battles, trading tournaments. And yet, there is only one platform, Meta Trader, and there are just few indices suggested.

user_avatarCox Collin 11.08.2021

When I started trading at Apollo Finances, I passed the entire course of the young fighter fairly quickly. Mastered and began to earn. If there were any questions, I knew that I could always call my personal manager for clarification. There is perhaps the only unpleasant moment. Sometimes you have to hang on the line for up to 10 minutes and wait for the connection with the operator. Next. The broker does not allow beginners to stay in student status, so there are only real deals, no demo accounts, many hours of webinars and training videos. The execution of orders is excellent, opening and closing deals takes a couple of seconds, very effective analytics. Replenishment is at the current rate, there is no commission for I / O. You can scalp and trade on the news.

user_avatarLloyd Mark 12.08.2021

I like working with Apollo Finances. Honestly, everything suits me, I do not even pay attention to the age of the company. If the broker complies with all the principles of serious work and the requirements of an experienced trader, then the attitude towards him will be appropriate. MetaTrader’s flexible terminal settings system helps to grow your plan and strategy. Resistance to the outside world, the absence of internal bugs and sags. Everything works well. Very good analytics. Trading conditions do not change, this is a plus, in general, for now I am satisfied. For the time being, I only withdrew once on the card, everything went quite quickly.

user_avatarDoyle Robert 16.08.2021

I have been trading with Apollo Finances since late summer. I can not say that everything is just so perfect. Nevertheless, broker deserves the confident four exactly, and fully fulfills it. It seems to me that now it is generally difficult to find a broker with ideal parameters and quality of work. Now everyone has a stable platform, mobile applications, steady connection. There are, of course, nuances. It is this company that I trust, and it is worth a lot. Reliable, stable, conscientious broker. There have never been any conflicts, technical support is always ready to help. Well, I don’t have a functional and service claim. I will continue to work.

user_avatarCaldwell Nelson 20.08.2021

Registered with Apollo Finances more than three months ago. I believe that now, in terms of functionality and quality of service, this is one of the strongest brokers among the new names. It works very confidently from last winter, does not change its principles, trading conditions and attitude to the client. Technical support competence answers all questions, helps to solve difficult questions, prompts and gives really useful tips. All managers are polite and tactful. Very fast ordering, there are slippage, but it's not scary. In the terminal, MetaTrader can be configured including quenching. There were no communication breaks and system failures. At first, I didn’t have enough contests on the site, I wanted to read some useful articles, see tutorials. There is nothing yet.

user_avatarWells Nickolas 23.08.2021

Apollo Finances might be lacking in some regards, but you can’t beat their terms. Yeah, not that far from average, but still, even a small benefit is a reason to choose them.

user_avatarBarker Peter 24.08.2021

GO Apollo Finances! Wow, I really love this forex trading thing. Gotta spend some time learning more though so I can stay in the green, as they say :)

user_avatarGreene Walter 10.09.2021

If you are not sure which trading pair you should choose, start with the simplest. For example EUR / USD. Here, the entire movement of the course is easy to predict.

user_avatarSanders Shon 12.09.2021

Spreads, polite consultants, the ability to work from mobile and computer access from a MacBook ... What else will this wonderful broker be surprised? In my opinion one of the best I've ever worked with.

user_avatarStone Darren 15.09.2021

It does not matter if you are using a computer or use a terminal on a smartphone - all technical problems when completing transactions in terms of speed, all must be solved with the technical service. They react quickly, I was personally convinced.

user_avatarBaldwin Matthew 20.09.2021

Normally, after a break, I do not hurry with the head in the pool, but start acting with very simple courses. I choose foreseeable currency pairs, gradually enter the market and feel better. It is good that the terminals of this broker offer a clear understanding of the most important trends and the functionality allows them to react quickly.

user_avatarBaker Randolf 25.09.2021

Maybe I miss the variety of currency pairs here. On the other hand, it is less likely that their own misguided enthusiasm burns out. A good place to achieve stable income without unpleasant surprises.

user_avatarParsons Kenneth 27.09.2021

It seems to me that trade with this broker is no longer like a storm at sea. Do not ignore the forecasts of team professionals, they usually feel market sentiment and protect them from pretasting actions.

user_avatarGardner Robert 06.10.2021

It was a good idea to choose a broker with real trading conditions. Now I'm fine here. The only thing that alerted me at the beginning were the low spreads. But they are exactly the way and you have the opportunity to earn.

user_avatarMarshall Christopher 07.10.2021

My experience is considerable. I choose this broker because I trust him. I do a profit with him. My accounts are protected and my profits are regularly transferred to me. What could be more convincing?

user_avatarTurner Logan 10.10.2021

I came here because of the spreads, and I will stay here, thanks to spreads and everything else. This broker is simply wonderful ... I'm almost in love with my Account Manager because he helps me to earn more and more

user_avatarWalker Oliver 16.10.2021

It is very bad if your previous broker has only "helped" to lose money! ... urgently change it. Look, dealers already have a lot of positive experiences on this page ...

user_avatarDickerson Edward 18.10.2021

Welcome to our friendly company! We enjoy a low spread and good service every day. If you stay with this broker, you will quickly get used to good things.

user_avatarMcDaniel Esmond 26.10.2021

Even with the verification there were no problems. At the moment everything is fine, everything works stable.