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Gerard Moore 11 / April / 21

Main issues: Apollofinances broker with a minimum deposit of $ 250

Apollofinances broker experience | Apollofinances forex broker
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Opportunities for traders, which are opened by Apollofinances broker.

Modern methods of currency trading on the Forex market do not allow trader to enter the market independently with just one order. For this, he must use an intermediary, choosing one of the brokers who ensures the liquidity of the transaction, select the most suitable closing conditions for the offer, and also check the competition. is that kind of intermediary.

There are several types of brokers who use different trading technologies. In any case, such technologies require confirmation of the transactions liquidity. There are a lot of financial organizations involved in this process, including hedge funds. Some brokers operate with a liquidity pool where different offers compete with each other, but usually companies offer wide market access.

Why do you need a Forex broker like an Apollofinances broker?

The broker's work is best described with a simple example. Let's imagine that a person comes to a regular market and wants to sell a jar of honey there. Naturally, he is interested in selling at a higher price, but he is not the only honey trader, the market is very large, in different parts of it there are different prices for honey, and they also sell different types of honey - floral, buckwheat, lime...

The broker is the intermediary who will collect all offers and compare, while ensuring that the sale will take place (the buyer will receive honey, and the seller will receive money; the broker will receive commissions from the sale). Without a broker, the search for the best deal would take much longer, the buyer could make a less suitable deal with another seller, and the seller would be forced to sell his goods at the wrong price.

But, of course, in the foreign exchange market, everything is more complicated, because we are talking about investing money in buying foreign currency and reselling it at a different rate - so that is the difference in price that makes a profit. In such conditions, the need for the broker's experience and functionality grows significantly.

According to Apollofinances broker experience, it is especially difficult for a beginner trader to navigate the work of the market, to learn how to use dozens of trading instruments that are available on sales platforms. Finally, it is not uncommon for traders to enter the market with very small offers (for example, $ 250) when it is difficult to be competitive and find the right deal. In this case, the CFD technology (contract for difference) comes to the rescue - lending from a broker, which multiplies the client's investments and thereby contributes to finding a profitable deal (and making a profit for the client).

Brokers act as guarantors of transactions, but who is the guarantor of broker's activities? As a rule, these are regulatory bodies, which also depend on the country of registration of the brokerage company.

What services does Apollofinances broker provide?

Before us stands a company that provides Forex brokerage services using CFD technology. This approach opens up more opportunities for those traders who are not ready to invest a lot in trading operations. For example, if the initial capital for investment is limited, or when a person simply has no experience and is afraid to take risks, the allows to start trading on small orders and get the income.

CFD sizes are dictated by the market, but the company sets the terms at its sole discretion. And during the 2020 a lot of traders with small capital entered the market, so that brokers have begun to push the bottom bar for market entry (admission to trading) to a minimum.

According to Apollofinances broker provides an opportunity to start earning almost from the scratch. The company has developed a tariff in which the initial deposit is $ 250. It is difficult to imagine old-school brokers with such an amount, but now it is enough to start working with the broker's trading platform and take a look at the market from the inside. Upon depositing $ 2,000 (the minimum deposit at the "Silver" tariff), the client receives a very profitable trade offer - a leverage of up to 1: 200. Thus, his investments grow a hundredfold and this greatly increases his competitive ability to find a profitable deal.

Of course, the profit received from profitable trading will be calculated for the $ 2,000 contributed by the client. Accordingly, it will remain in positive territory. Moreover, for some transactions, the broker does not take commissions.

In addition to leveraged trading, other services of Apollofinances broker guarantees:

More detailed rates can be found on the website of review. Please note that leverage is available for any types of deposits starting from $250.

Trading multiple assets (not only in currencies, but also in the stock market, indices, and raw materials) is possible for all accounts.

At the same time, as stated by experts of Apollofinances, Forex remains a place for quite risky trading. Moreover, with the attraction of CFD investments a lot of traders get into investment without basic knowledge. It can be easily avoided by keeping contact with personal manager.

The terms of trading are described in the "Risk Disclosure" on the website.

How to become a client of Apollofinances broker requires identity verification

On its official website, the company informs that it is subject to regulation by the local regulators.

The registered office of the company is in Marshall Islands.

As a trusted company, Apollofinances broker is required to comply with anti-fraudulent laws. Therefore, in order to start trading, Apollofinances scam check is required: it is necessary to pass identity verification (provide copies of documents identifying the person and place of residence). All conditions of cooperation with the company are set out in the documentation, which is publicly available on the website.


According to our Apollofinances reviews - it is a company that opens up opportunities for leveraged trading, especially for traders with small amounts of deposits. The company provides its own web-based trading platform, provides support for transactions, based on rich experience and good reputation.

Apollofinances reviews
Apollofinances scam


Comments 39
Darcy 17.04.2021

The worst problem I've encountered is that withdrawals can be a little slow sometimes (never longer than 12 hours though), and that's it. Everything else has been perfect. Got some decent money during the last four months and plan to continue the same old practice. It looks to me like here is the best place to build some serious capital in case you think about major investing in the future.

Arthur J. 18.04.2021

Let's start with the good: you can make money here. The more invested, the more income. This market is what it is. Profit depends not so much on luck as on the ability to react to trends correctly and on time. Cons: like many brokers, there are problems with the withdrawal of profit. The wait can take hours. But not for a day! Tolerable.

Brian Nash 20.04.2021

I was prepared for the possibility of problems with the withdrawal of money. They usually write about this service that there are no delays of up to a day or more. My longest delay so far was 10 hours 40 minutes. I've encountered this before on other sites. I think this is a rule of thumb. Withdrawal speed depends on many factors and network congestion.

user_avatarRou 30.04.2021

When I doubted that I should start trading Forex at my age, an employee convinced me that it it never too late to start. It was difficult for me to check the charts every time before playing an order. Thanks to the support for their patience, I have finally started to work out.

user_avatarMark 09.05.2021

Tested and favored. Going to stay here for a while

user_avatarYonas 10.05.2021

I was not sure at first about working with this broker because I couldn't find much info, but it seems I made a right choice. The company proved itself to be good in order processing and trading software maintaining overall.

user_avatarStephen 13.05.2021

This is an invaluable experience that you share with others. In a crisis, only the best companies remain on the market! Thanks to your work, new opportunities open up to me every day. Financial markets are available to everyone, and it is better to trust professionals.

user_avatarMelvyn 15.05.2021

Hello everyone! I would like to remind that novice investors do not forget to contact the support service! And then some people forget. The company is very loyal to traders, I was convinced of this personally. I made a new account with a thousand dollars! There is a kind of trial version.

user_avatarAsher 26.05.2021

Well, colleagues, you can congratulate me on my first income) To be honest, the amount exceeded my expectations)) But I want to warn you: when opening an account, you need to go through identity verification! Otherwise, there may be problems with the withdrawal of funds! It's always like this, people are inattentive, they are to blame, and then they blame the broker for their troubles! The money came to my card in 10 hours.

user_avatarRoland Hicks 03.06.2021

It’s possible to start trading here with small deposit and leverage – very convenient for a beginner. Fast withdrawal and a lot of different input/output methods are also a plus. Out of all forex companies I’ve worked with, this one is the best so far.

user_avatarMichael Todd 07.06.2021

This broker is really good, or at least their conditions work nicely for my trading style. My average profit here is higher than it ever was.

user_avatarJoseph Taylor 15.06.2021

I’d never traded before I made account here, and well, I don’t regret trying. At first I had some issues with terminal, but reading manuals helped (and also asking customer support, they were really patient and professional). I like that MT4 provides all the data you need about the market.

user_avatarKevin Fields 18.06.2021

I think +15% in two months since I made my account is good enough. Nothing special, yeah, but I prefer calm and safe trading at my own pace.

user_avatarMark Stewart 21.06.2021

I miss the possibility to trade on copying deals. But everything except that is okay, and I enjoy using MT4, so I’m going to stay here.

user_avatarLawrence Lee 26.06.2021

When you choose a broker, you hope to find the good support service and fast money withdrawal. At last, we all do trading for money. So, really enjoyed my time with this broker. The support guys are nice and professional, and the money arrives to account no later than in 10 hours. Really fast, can recommend.

user_avatarRobbins Lucas 04.07.2021

I decided to share my experience, this is my first review on the Internet. About a month ago I opened a base account with Apollofinances. When choosing a broker, I relied on the level of spreads on AUD and NZD, I always work mostly with them. It turned out to be easy to work together, spreads are rather lower than those of the others, fixed, nothing jumps. Attentive support, consultants assist and no nerves need. Everything is OK with dial-in to support. I noticed that the list of services could be expanded, to add more platforms, so far there is an opportunity to trade only with the Meta Trader 4 terminal. And for newbies, it would be great to upload some training webinars.

user_avatarRobertson Robert 06.07.2021

I have a silver account at Apollofinances. I opened somewhere in the beginning of spring. Satisfied almost completely, expectations are justified, the broker copes. Everything is as promised, market quotes, fairly low static spreads, only for them there are commissions, and they do not use the percentage for I / O. From experience, I can say that here is a great native analyst. Effectively assembled support team, smart guys, but it is not always possible to get through from the first time. I'm not green, but I think that it would be possible to add demos and micro accounts to the general functionality, it’s not so scary to start trading with them.

user_avatarStafford Joseph 10.07.2021

To be honest, Apollofinances is not the first offshore broker I work with. It is very important to think carefully, weigh the pros and cons when looking for such companies. There are such cunning guys who run the funds through their servers, but they don’t bring them to the foreign market. Of course, I relaxed with the Apollofinances, I've already withdrew several times without any problems. Spreads are fixed, relatively low. The profit is clear, although I can judge mostly by AUD and NZD. For me, there is one uncomfortable moment, I do not like to make phone calls, to communicate live, spend time on it. And here the support works in the telephone mode, well, you can still write on the email. It would be much easier to get advice on the messenger or chat on the site. Maybe I'm not alone.

user_avatarMcLaughlin Robert 16.07.2021

It became expensive for me to communicate with BCS at some point, I decided to compare spreads with competitors, gasped and left. I went through market, compared in needed currencies USD and JPY, that I use, and it turned out that the lowest is in Apollofinances. In addition, static spreads are a nice bonus. I am glad that Meta Trader 4 terminal stands, for me this is the most normal platform. There were no failures, disconnects, delays for a month of work. I would like to see new packages and the site updating more often.

user_avatarSummers Michael 18.07.2021

I work with metal. It was necessary to change the broker, and I was looking for a new one based on reviews and trading conditions, I mostly looked at the spreads. It attracted that Apollofinances spreads are static, as for me, it is more comfortable to trade them with deposits. There was no special need to ask for help from the support, for a couple of times, unless I applied at the very beginning, I had to deal with the installation of the terminal. They work responsibly, but it was impossible to call immediately. Ready to put 4 of 5 to the broker.

user_avatarThompson Roger 25.07.2021

I opened an account with Apollofinances broker, opened from 2000 somewhere in the middle of spring. There is no special choice of packages here, but this option completely suited me. Great analytics, not for nothing that friends praised, here I agree. It turns out to have a second salary, very convenient in our time. Well, I haven’t earned a two-room apartment, but there is a prospect)))) I like that the broker has no commission for input and output, there are only spreads themselves.

user_avatarMcCoy Brian 04.08.2021

Aren’t you guys a bit overhyped on all that forex thing? Yeah, I heard about guys like these Apollo Finances too, but you still need to be smart and persistent to earn money this way, it will not be your magic pill. Come on.

user_avatarHall Jeffrey 13.08.2021

Apollo Finances pick their options quite carefully, it seems; I don’t understand all those comments about their limits to MetaTrader, it’s good and reliable, what else do you need?

user_avatarAustin Clifford 15.08.2021

Working with Apollo Finances has its downsides, of course, but you cannot argue that they are perhaps one of the best brokers for beginners. Helped me a lot actually.

user_avatarLewis Lee 19.08.2021

I wish I’ve learned about Apollo Finances earlier, so I could stop wasting time on all those empty startup projects I’ve been working on. Now I’m settled with them I guess.

user_avatarPoole Peregrine 26.08.2021

I’ve been googling a lot of information on trading lately and heard of Apollo Finances; some guys say that they are good and I think on trying their services. Don’t have any concrete proof yet tho.

user_avatarLeonard Daniel 28.08.2021

I worked with Apollo Finances for some time now. They are good, but do not expect them to suddenly shower you with an ocean of money, no broker can do that.

user_avatarNewman Gerald 01.09.2021

Many thanks to all who write here about the broker, his advantages and disadvantages! I just started working together and I'm not sure which amounts can I find better. Your experience is invaluable! Now I understand that this broker is a good choice.

user_avatarBlankenship Walter 06.09.2021

I also checked the reputation of this broker when I started working with him. Now we have 5 months effective work for me. I started to think that I could earn money for the future. Tune in, in the current situation in the world, this is a very good condition.

user_avatarHarris Elijah 07.09.2021

Thanks, thanks, thanks ... For the first time for six months I felt that my life did not go into the abyss. Through the blockade I lost my mind for the ground under my feet. I stopped sleeping. I like it that I do not sleep much now, just because I do hand - and good money!

user_avatarMcDonald Hector 09.09.2021

My personal examination convinced me: On this page everything works fine, no one tries to cheat someone. I already liked how they talked to me in customer service. I am sure that you can be successful here!

user_avatarMerritt Richard 14.09.2021

I can only imagine how difficult it is to be an account manager for such a service, especially for newcomers ... I think I have asked the amateur questions in the world. But only a few months - and I trade with confidence!

user_avatarDennis John 23.09.2021

If you are afraid of your ass, contact the experts to support them. There is such a team. Everything is designed so that customers are protected from unjustified risks. Even the debt limit of the margins is that they did not get into debts up to their ears

user_avatarFitzgeraldц Ethan 02.10.2021

I have already spied out analyzes here when I was not a customer yet. The analyzes are worthwhile, the data is always fresh and verified.

user_avatarBurke Williamя 09.10.2021

A big plus of the page itself, it is user-friendly, understandable and has all the necessary information.

user_avatarLyons Everett 15.10.2021

So far, I think that this investment option is at least a multiple profitable than bank deposits and you can withdraw it anytime.

user_avatarHill August 21.10.2021

When I have paid money on the account at the account opening, it was also without problems, it was almost immediately in. There are no questions about the trade.

user_avatarRussell Frederick 22.10.2021

Support. There is nothing special to comment here. They work and are constantly in contact, the reaction is extremely fast. Questions are solved, the reaction is fast.

user_avatarReeves Steven 26.10.2021

This is one of the few reliable brokers now that they deserve and make money from their account. Those with experience understand what I'm talking about. Such brokers can be counted on the fingers of a single one and they are worth their weight in gold.