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AirPods Max Review: Big sound from Apple

AirPods Max Review


It has been known for several years that Apple is preparing large headphones. Even before their release, there was a lot of information about AirPods Max, even details about the design. However, Apple still managed to surprise both the price and technical capabilities of this accessory.

Appearance and design

AirPods Max became the first overhead headphones in the Apple line. The exterior decorative panels of this accessory are made of aluminum, the color of which matches the color of the headband. The inner elements are made of soft porous material that securely separates the ears from the outside world. They are mounted on magnets, and they can be easily changed, although not cheap - the pair will cost $ 69.

Thanks to additional magnets and aluminum panels, the headphone speakers turned out to be quite heavy - almost 385 grams. Therefore, the headband is noticeably wider than other headphones in this class. The extra width better distributes the increased weight. The headband is attached to the speakers with telescopic elements. Also, for better adaptation to the shape of the user's head and ears, the headphones are placed on a hinge that allows them to tilt and rotate. The AirPods Max control interface is made in a minimalist style and is borrowed from the Apple Watch. This is a Digital Crown wheel that adjusts the volume, switches tracks, takes calls. There is also a separate button for quick activation of the active noise reduction (ANC) and transparency mode.

Both of these controls are located on the right earpiece on either side of the headband. AirPods Max doesn't have a power button - the user can't turn them off when they want to. The headphones also do not have a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. If you want to listen to music through a wired connection - it will cost $ 35, because that's how much the Lightning cable costs, which must be purchased separately.

Technical features

Inside the AirPods Max hides two 40 mm diameter speakers that use neodymium magnets - one of the most powerful types of magnets.

Apple says that these speakers have less than 1% harmonic distortion over the entire frequency range, even at maximum volume. Overall, the AirPods Max's sound has deep bass, a precise midrange and clear treble. Like other headphones, AirPods and AirPods Pro, the new AirPods Max has two Apple H1 chips. With their 10 cores, these processors provide improved sound and additional technologies, along with an adaptive equalizer and surround audio. Spatial audio monitors the position of the user's head and virtually places the sounds so as to create a sense of presence. AirPods Max have the same active noise reduction and transparency mode that are available in AirPods Pro headphones.

Noise attenuation is based on data from three external microphones on each headset, as well as information from one microphone inside the headset. Active Noise Cancellation software adapts the sound in real time so that external noise disappears and the internal microphone allows you to control the quality of work. Transparency mode allows you to hear external sounds despite the tight fit of the headphones to the head.

The function works even if the noise reduction option is enabled. AirPods Max headphones are best adapted to the Apple ecosystem. In this case, they support the function of automatic transition between devices. The accessory connects almost instantly to a device that has a known iCloud account. With Android or Windows, it works like a regular Bluetooth headset. Because AirPods Max does not have a power button, they rely on sensors to save energy. This allows the headphones to know when they are removed from the head or placed in a complete case. When placed in it, the accessory "falls asleep" in a few minutes.


The AirPods Max battery provides up to 20 hours of listening to music, watching movies or talking on the phone. This is the time with an active noise reduction function and a volume of 50%. It is quite inconvenient to find out the charge of AirPods Max without using a smartphone, because they have only one LED with two colors. When the charge is more than 15%, it glows green, otherwise - orange. During charging, the orange color glows to a charge of 95%, then changes to green. Charging is done with a Lightning cable - a 5-minute plug is enough for an additional 1.5 hours.



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AirPods Max Review
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