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John Doe 16 / February / 21

Airpods max headphones: 4 points to pay attention reviews

Airpods max technical rеview of experienced users
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AirPods Max are the first and only full-size headphones. 

AirPods Max specifications

The wrap-around headband has an attractive design. They conquered with modern chips that are not characteristic of wireless models. What to expect from such "ears", read the AirPods Max review.

There are four interesting tactile details with a ton of ideas.

The over-ear cushions are removable and oversized to fit any ear shape. Made from acoustic memory foam (adapts to the shape of the ear). Fastening to an aluminum bowl with magnets. The manufacturer has provided for the market launch of a separate set of ear pads, should the need arise for replacement.


AirPods Max appearance

AirPods are available in 5 colors: mint, pink, blue, dark gray, and silver. Weight - 385.0 g. They do not add up.

AirPods Max specifications

The button on the top of one of the devices is used to select the "Noise reduction" and "Transparency" modes. She also turns on the device. Nearby is a scrolling wheel that adjusts the volume, switches tracks or pauses.

Headphones cannot be forcibly turned off, so the only way to turn them off as unnecessary is to put them in a "smart" case. It puts the device to sleep at low power consumption. Individual sensors pause the device when removed.

How AirPods Max connect

In the presentation, Apple announced 20 hours of AirPods Max on a single charge. The "smart" case lasts for 5 minutes. for an hour and a half work. To activate the inclusion, it is enough to remove them from the case. The connection to the smartphone is automatic. If the "ears" are paused and not put into the smart case, the battery loses about 2% in one hour.


AirPods Max is compatible with Android OS, but only the Noise Canceling and Transparency modes will be available.

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Key benefits of AirPods Max

The sound is clear and legible. The bass is powerful, the middle register is reliable, the high frequencies are crystal clear. All this thanks to 40.0 mm drivers that read the frequency range of any genre and the distortion error is no more than 1%.


AirPods Max Benefits

Apple has improved two features:

"Noise suppression"

There are eight microphones on the body, 6 of which catch external sound, suppress it and isolate the surrounding world;


Microphones pick up sound from the outside, process it, and then amplify it through the speakers into the ears. That is, when watching, for example, a movie, you can hear everything that is happening around.


Using the table example, we will consider connecting these modes to iOS devices:


Gadget menu From the offered options "Noise reduction" or "Transparency" select the required

AirPods Max, AirPods, AirPods Pro Go to "Settings" → "bluetooth" → information icon

Mac Click the Volume Control icon in the menu

Apple Watch On the watch, click on the "AirPlay" icon

The model wins in comparison with competitors on three points.


  1.  Two chips H1 (on the chip in the right and left)
    Can simultaneously support nine billion processes per second. They are friends with Bluetooth 5.0, activate Siri and have a minimum delay in noise cancellation. 
  2. Adaptive equalizer
    Adjusts music playback based on how the headphones sit to your head. Evaluates and adjusts sound up to 200 times per second. At any volume, the tracks sound full and bright. All frequencies are balanced, not overdriven and detailed.
  3. Spatial audio
    Built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes monitor head movements relative to the screen while watching a movie and the sound is adjusted accordingly. The online marketplace supports Apple TV +. 
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