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Gerard Moore 10 / August / 21

InvestingViews Fraud Protection Tip: Use Verified Platforms with KYC Know Your Customer

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Tips from professional traders of InvestingViews Scam department: how to protect yourself

Experienced traders have probably already encountered scammers who want to take possession of their assets or personal information. If you are new to the platform, read this article to learn about those cases.

InvestingViews scam protection tip: use proven platforms with KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) is not the most pleasant rule in trading, but we must follow it. This is what helps us protect you from fraudsters. All traders of the Investingviews scam must pass basic identity verification, which greatly reduces the risk of transactions with fake accounts.

Specialists from InvestingViews scam check advice: use a separate email and password for your account

Everyone knows how difficult it is to remember many email addresses and passwords - it is much more convenient to use one email address and password for all accounts. But doing so is extremely dangerous. Potential hacking of one account or website could compromise your other accounts using the same email or password.

You can create a new email address in just a few minutes, especially since many companies are willing to provide you with one for free. Gmail or Outlook are just a few of them.

You can also use a free password manager to create and store unique and secure passwords.

I have a complex password, how did they find it?

Experts of scam preventing team state that fraudsters can trap you at every turn. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, no one personally has hacked your account. Moreover, no one picked your 15-digit password, let alone guessed it.

Scammers work differently today. Specialized software automatically scans sites for vulnerabilities to gain access to the backend. Namely, the database - a large chart where all personal information about customers, their transactions, and so on is stored.

Once access is obtained, in many cases, such a database will be either poorly encrypted or not encrypted at all. As a result, an active scammer has thousands, tens hundreds of thousands of personal data pieces in his hands. Usually it’s organized in the mail/password/phone format, etc. Sometimes these foundations break even more easily when using a combination of social engineering and skills.

InvestingViews scam preventing team informs: fraud can be avoided if you take care of your personal information

The easiest way to steal money is to get your account login details. It's even easier if the account owner willingly shares them with a hacker.

Never share your registration information with counterparties and under no circumstances share your password with anyone.

InvestingView scam specialists advise: change passwords all the time

It is important to remember that even the most complex password in the world does not guarantee anything - it can be stored in a database encrypted with an algorithm on a site with a leak. Or even lie in our computer.

Constant password change at the broker

It doesn't matter how complex the password is. If the database is leaked and poorly secured, your password is no longer actually yours. Right now, your broker's base may be changing hands, but you don't know about it because no one has warned you. But if you change - now - the password, the old password will remain in the database – and ‘old’ means ‘completely useless’.

Good brokers like InvestingViews have implemented both on-demand password change and two-factor authentication, which is extremely important and should be enabled for everyone to protect themselves from this scenario.

But still, most users do not consider it necessary, do not think that someone need their details, and so on. In fact, yes, no one needs our specific account, because the data is leaking massively.

It is for this reason that two-factor activation is forcibly enabled for some brokers. Some, regardless of the wishes of users, force traders to change the password.

InvestingViews scam protection hint: if the offer seems incredibly attractive to you, chances are that something’s wrong.

Finding conditions you can't refuse is easy - prices below market, and a wide variety of payment options. This all sounds too good to be true.

Scammers often post attractive ads to non-existent brokers to lure newbies and less experienced traders and then try to steal their funds or data. Always use common sense as a basis: people trade to make a profit - why would anyone trade at a loss?

It is impossible to protect yourself from scammers and hackers for 100%, but a piece of knowledge and small drop of awareness will teach you to resist such attacks. You've just received some tips to help protect yourself from scams. Want to know more? The best place to learn more about security and privacy is InvestingViews.

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