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Adjust or Death: how coronavirus changes world

Adjust or Death: how coronavirus changes world


The news space is full of news about the ongoing fight against the coronavirus and the price of oil. But what happens to global companies?

We were consumed by the whirlwind of mass discussion of the coronavirus pandemic, and now oil prices. We pay little attention to what global players do in this difficult time. What is happening with global companies now? As Darwin said, it is not the strongest or the smartest who survive, but the ones who are best adapted to change.


Here's the most interesting over the last week:


- The global M&A market is gone. No global deal worth more than $ 1 billion in recent months.


- Uber resumes goods delivery and transportation, from medical supplies to pet food, to finding new sources of income.


- GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi are working together to develop the Covid-19 vaccine.


- Walt Disney, which has always emphasized the importance of people to the company, will stop paying over 100,000 employees - nearly half of its staff.


- Neiman Marcus, a US retailer who missed out on his bonds last week, is preparing for bankruptcy. This is the first major American retailer to fall from a pandemic coronavirus.


- Netflix increased nearly 16 million of its subscribers in the first quarter, double the target and receiving the biggest gain from the crisis.


- Coca-Cola sales declined by a quarter last month as bars and restaurants closed.


- Amazon is booming in the crisis, despite the stock market crash, the group's shares have grown by 30% this year. However, Amazon sellers continue to operate in a rather complex mode.


Millions of sellers have finally been able to "breathe out" when the company lifted the current monthly limit on the sale of "non-essential" goods. However, even after the restriction has been lifted, sales have not recovered and there are still significant restrictions on the number of sales.


- Microsoft is moving its global agenda further. The company called on governments and other companies to open up data to prevent them from being concentrated in the US, China and a small number of tech giants.


- Goldman Sachs, a consumer lender, credit card issued by Apple, said that, as a result of the coronavirus crisis, 10% to 20% of borrowers require deferred payments on loans after the coronavirus crisis.


- Morgan Stanley reported a 30% drop in revenue in the first quarter due to the stock market crisis.


- Huawei's earnings are rising despite the coronavirus pandemic. The world's largest telecommunications equipment maker reported an increase in sales in the first quarter, despite global economic challenges.


- IBM expects pandemic sales to grow due to growing demand for cloud services.





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Adjust or Death: how coronavirus changes world
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Adjust or Death: how coronavirus changes world
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Adjust or Death: how coronavirus changes world
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