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10 technologies that will disappear in the coming years

10 technologies that will disappear in the coming years


What familiar technologies and objects will take on a new look?

1. Rearview Mirrors
Switching from mirrors to cameras will be brought into effect in the next 2 years. Unmanned vehicles, which are also gaining momentum, are already taking advantage of this, and are gaining popularity due to mobility and the ability to avoid car accidents. Also, the advantage of cameras is their cheapness, which will encourage companies to introduce more profitable innovations.
2. Telephone towers
They become less and less over the years, and in a few years they will completely disappear from the face of the earth and will not be so relevant. Phones will be developed that can completely reject the option of receiving communication via towers, and have the ability to communicate with other devices within a radius of 400-500 meters.
For the first time such an idea was brought into development by Qualcomm, Facebook and Yahoo.

3. Remote control
The constant search for a remote control lost under the bed or uncomfortable buttons will soon be a thing of the past. Several tens of thousands of devices and gadgets have already switched to connecting and managing via WI-FI. Soon, all computers, televisions, microwave ovens will be able to be powered by such technology.
4. Credit Cards
Already in the modern world, some online stores, cafés, or applications allow you to make purchases and pay for services using your phone. They predict the development and implementation of fingerprints as a way to pay for goods.
5. Metal keys
There is technology that can replace a metal key. For example, a button on a car that drives it. In the future, it will be possible to open doors using a smartphone, fingerprint scanner, retina scanner.
6. Digital cameras
The capabilities of smartphones have reached such a level that it is difficult to understand even the most advanced user. And the item in the form of camera capabilities has not been considered something surprising for a long time. Smartphones are capable of taking photos and videos in such a resolution that digital cameras will soon be completely unnecessary.

7. Wired Chargers
Not so long ago, chargers, the so-called “power banks”, that can charge a smartphone right in your pocket, have appeared on the modern market. But now many companies are worried about the complete destruction of wire charges. It will be possible to renew the energy of the gadget through special radio waves and WI-FI
8. Delivery Services
With the rapid proliferation of unmanned vehicles, the “driver” as a profession will completely disappear. The device will be able to deliver the package within 30 minutes.
9. Medical needles
Fortunately for many, this popular injection technology will go out of use. There will be the possibility of carrying out jet injections that can shoot contents faster. Then with the speed of sound
10. Cinemas
The ability of TVs to show a movie in 3-D format will fully contribute to the destruction of institutions for watching movies.



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10 technologies that will disappear in the coming years
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10 technologies that will disappear in the coming years
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10 technologies that will disappear in the coming years
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